CYCLING INFRASTRUCTURE: Murdoch City Planning Study Community Workshop


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The Murdoch City Planning Study is a new initiative to consider the long-term growth of one of Perth’s major centres.  A community workshop will be held from 6-9pm on Thursday 7 July 2011 at Murdoch College within the grounds of Murdoch University off South Street.  This planning study includes consideration of cycling infrastructure and it is an important opportunity to input into a significant transport corridor development, so if you can please consider taking part.


In June 2007, the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) approved the Murdoch Activity Centre Structure Plan (MACSP) Part A, which relates to land located to the south west of the Murdoch train station and including the above institutions. The WAPC noted “the consideration of the broader activity centre area, including long term planning for Murdoch University and other associated areas, shall occur as a separate plan in the long term implementation of the Murdoch Activity Centre”.

A planning study to prepare a structure plan for the broader Murdoch Activity Centre area commenced in February 2011 and is referred to as the City Planning Study. Murdoch City will encompass all of the land within the existing MACSP Part A together with additional adjoining lands, including Murdoch University campus, government owned land to the south of Farrington Road and all land within 800m of Murdoch train station. The study area boundary is not rigid and will be further defined through the structure planning process.

If you would like to attend the community workshop please RSVP to by Monday July 4, 2011.  Further information is available at the Planning Western Australia website.

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