Nalini Cofidis Coolmax Bike Sock Owner Review


I purchased a pair of Nalini Cofidis Coolmax bike socks from Chain Reaction Cycles for $9.47 in June 2011 because I ride a Look 555 and well Cofidis are the Pro team on Look bikes, so got to look the part right? :).

Nalini Cofidis Coolmax Bike Sock

Nalini Cofidis Coolmax Bike Sock

The real focus of this owner review is the not the Cofidis part of the Nalini Cofidis Coolmax bike sock but the coolmax material and whether Nalini have got the right combination together in a bike sock.

Specifications – Nalini Cofidis Coolmax Bike Sock

Nalini do not provide much information in terms of the material composition of the Nalini Cofidis Coolmax bike sock but they do make some interesting statements about Coolmax. They state that Coolmax demonstrates:

  • Superior moisture management properties;
  • Dries faster than completive fabrics;
  • Includes an effective fibre-based moisture management system;
  • Proven to reduce skin temperature and lower heart rate;
  • Surpasses completive fabrics in comfort index rating;
  • Meet the highest ADVANSA stander performance certification

Invista, the Coolmax people are bit more restrained in their description of Coolmax:

COOLMAX® fabric is the performance fabric that includes an effective fiber-based moisture management system. The system can move perspiration away from the body, and through the fabric, where it can evaporate quickly, allowing the wearer to feel cooler and more comfortable.

So in summary, Coolmax and hence the Nalini Cofidis Coolmax bike sock is about a sock that keeps ones feet dry and cool. I am not sure that it is going to have much impact on my heart rate!

Performance of the Nalini Cofidis Coolmax Bike Sock

Riding a bicycle here in Western Australian can be a pretty hot activity with the average maximum temperature between January and March ranging between 29 C and 31 C so a bike sock that keeps one’s feet comfortable really adds to a ride.

So how has the Nalini Cofidis Coolmax Bike Sock performed in this regard? Pretty well really. I have found them to be a quite comfortable sock, they fit well, provide good foot support and most importantly really do seem to work in terms of wicking away moisture and keeping my feet reasonably dry in hot riding conditions.

The other aspect I like about these socks and to me this is pretty important is that they are keeping their shape. There is no sign of the fit around the ankle loosening up or the socks loosing their shape.

There is also no sign of piling or other wear after six months of high rotation use. I ride around six days a week so my socks get rotated through fairly regularly. They are washed after every ride in a front loader washing machine.

The only negative I have, is that it would be nice if they came in a more muted colour, that is something other than while! White just does not really work for me.

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