Crud Raceguard Mudguards – First Impressions

I have had a set of Crud Raceguard mudguards for some time waiting to get fitted to the Giant XTC 2. I have fitted the guards as I use the XTC 2 as an off-road touring bike and having guards hopefully improves the riding experience when touring in the winter months.

IMG 2146

Looking at the Crud Products website it looks like the Crud Raceguard mudguards I have are the same model as currently shown so hopefully my experience is of value to current purchasers.

In terms of fitting, it took me about five minutes to fit the front and rear Crud Raceguard mudguards. The front is held on by o-rings and is attached to the down-tube. Pretty straight forward fitting approach.

The rear is fitted by a one-bolt systems which attaches the mudguard to the seatpost. Again this was pretty simple approach and only took a few minutes. The guard can be easily adjusted to get the required position/clearance and it looks like it would be easy to detach/re-attach if desired.

The key question is how will they go in the rain?  I will post back in four months reporting on my experience with the guards over the Western Australian winter.

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