CYCLISTS’ HEALTH NOTE: No-nose Bike Saddles


Whilst not the most popular idea by any stretch of the imagination, but there is some suggestion that non-nose bicycle saddles may be worth a serious consideration for male riders. Before going no-way, it is worth considering the health benefits (or risks) versus vanity. I think it is fair to say that I sit in the traditional saddle user category preferring Brooks England saddles but I am noticing of late a little discomfort and hence starting to re-consider my views.

A posting at Smart Planet has got me exploring the issue. Is that a bad idea?

A noseless saddle has one major benefit: It removes a great deal of pressure from one of the most sensitive areas of the body.

A traditional bike saddle puts 25% to 40% of your body’s weight on the nerves and blood vessels down there, but a no-nose saddle shifts that weight toward the sit bones…

After the six-month study, the percent of officers who felt numbness while riding dropped from 75% to less than 20%. They also showed improved sensitivity to the biothesiometer and reported better erectile function.

However, on average, they did not improve in the Rigiscan measure, which Dr. Schrader believes shows that riding a conventional saddle could have lasting effects on the body.

So why aren’t no-nose saddles popular? Maybe this is the reason …

The answer comes from a bike shop owner quoted in the article who said, “This saddle screams out: I’ve got a problem.”

The full blog posting can be found at Smart Planet and a Google search brings up lots of information on no-nose saddles.

One Response to CYCLISTS’ HEALTH NOTE: No-nose Bike Saddles

  1. Mark Hollett 21 October 2011 at 6:44 AM #

    I’m the Australian distributor for MoonSaddle. After trialing a couple of different noseless saddles I settled on the MoonSaddle (No pun). After getting used to the concept I became a big fan of the noseless saddle and will never use a nosed saddle again.
    There is currently a guy called Ric Brown doing a 15 000km trek through South America using a MoonSaddle, Ric swears by the MoonSaddle, Doing such a distance he wanted to avoid damage to his under carrage, What he was’nt expecting was that the back pain he had experienced while riding for many years has almost completely gone.
    You can checkout Ric’s progress either on the website or go directly to his blog

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