CYCLING INFRASTRUCTURE: City of Fremantle Link up With BV’s RiderLog


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It seems that the City of Fremantle has linked up with Bicycle Victoria to encourage cyclists to use Bicycle Victoria’s RiderLog iPhone application.

From the Bicycle Victoria website:

The City of Fremantle and Bicycle Victoria invite all cyclists who ride in and through the municipality of Fremantle to use the RiderLog application (App).

The data will inform the City of Fremantle’s planning and development for increased bicycle use. The RiderLog report, commissioned by the City of Fremantle will be derived from RiderLog data which will be used to illustrate:

  • Rider behaviour.
  • The main routes utilised by riders.

Whilst in principal I have no issues with City of Fremantle encoruaging the use of such applications, I have serious concerns about the City using this information for “planning and development” purposes. This is hardly rigorous data collection on cycling behaviour; it ignores those cyclists who choose to use other computers (e.g., Garmin Edge 800) or who use other smart phones (e.g, Android phones) or other applications (e.g., Endomondo).

What would be much better is to see the City of Fremantle installing traffic counters at stragetic locations to capture critical data on cycling use and then to use this data to put in place better cycling infrastructure.



One Response to CYCLING INFRASTRUCTURE: City of Fremantle Link up With BV’s RiderLog

  1. Duncan 12 July 2011 at 5:09 AM #

    A bit of publicity and they’ll get much more data than they would from spotters. But why not take it up with BV and see if they’ll let you upload a bunch of gpx?

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