CYCLING INFRASTRUCTURE: City of Subiaco 2010-2011 PBN Local Government Grants – How is the Bike Plan Coming Along?


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In 2010 the City of Subiaco won a Perth Bicycle Network Local Government Grant to develop the City of Subiaco Bike and Pedestrian Plan.  A search of the City of Subiaco’s website brought up a 2003 Plan but no mention of a current one.  So the question is, what is happening with respect to meeting the requirements of this grant?

To find out where we are at with this grant; they have to be spent by June 30, 2011 or we loose the money, I have written on June 24, 2011 to the Mayor of the City of Subiaco, Ms Heather Henderson.

When I hear back from the Mayor I will update the blog with her reply.  In the meantime, please consider emailing or writing to Ms Henderson seeking an update. The more pressure we put on the City of Subiaco the more chance we have of getting our bike plan at least.  Ms Henderson can be emailed at

My letter to the Mayor is as follows (please feel to use/adapt if you wish to contact the Council):

Dear Mayor

I am writing to you in respect to the 2010-2011 Perth Bicycle Network Local Government Grants and in particular the grant awarded to the City of Subiaco for the development of the City of Subiaco Bike and Pedestrian Plan.

A search of the City of Subiaco website resulted in my finding of the 2003 Plan but no reference to the 2010-2011 Plan that funding was provided for.

Can you please advise the status of this Plan and if and when the Council intends to satisfy the Grant requirements or will the funding be returned to the State Government and hence lost?

Yours faithfully

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