OWNER REVIEW: Ultrapod 1 Portable Camera Tripod – First Impressions


Utrapod 1

I purchased the Pedco Ultrapod 1 Portable Camera Tripod eBay seller gminervini in June 2011 for AU$19.95 delivered.

The Ultrapod 1 weighs in at 46 grams on my digital scales, a little under the manufacturer’s reported weight of 57 grams.

Utrapod 1

The Ultrapod’s operation appears pretty straight forward, The camera is screwed on to the screw mount. There is a fairly large screw here to secure the camera. On the side is an adjustment knob to tighten the ball and socket in the head of the tripod. This allows for fine tuning of the camera position. The knob also tightens the head unit to the legs.

Utrapod 1

The user can then either spread the legs to support the camera or use the Velcro strap to secure the camera to a post or tree or whatever one wants to use.

Utrapod 1 Instructions

It does seem that it will be handy on my solo tours and the like and should work well with my Canon IXUS 800 compact camera. The Ultrapod instructions do indicate that it is not suitable for cameras using telephoto or extra large lenses which seems logical.

I will report back here in four months time after I have had a chance to use Pedco Ultrapod 1 Portable Camera Tripod in the bike.

3 Responses to OWNER REVIEW: Ultrapod 1 Portable Camera Tripod – First Impressions

  1. Friedel 2 August 2011 at 2:33 PM #

    We had one of these. We were able to strap it onto the stem of our bike, and snap pictures while riding. The only problem was that a couple times we forgot to take it off during rain, and then it rusted and seized shut… so make sure you don’t let it get wet for extended periods.

  2. Mykah Wilson 8 August 2011 at 5:48 AM #

    My wife and I bought one of these and really like it. We enjoy biking and really like photography so, we figured tripods like this would be perfect for us. We chose this particular one because it looked the most sturdy and had the best reviews. Hope you enjoy yours!

    • Aushiker 8 August 2011 at 2:40 PM #

      The link was removed from your post. I have given you the benefit of the doubt with regards to whether this comment was simply spam or not.

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