CYCLING INFRASTRUCTURE: City of Subiaco’s Bike Plan is Missing in Action

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I wrote on June 24, 2011 to the Mayor of the City of Subiaco, Ms Heather Henderson seeking the status of the City of Subiaco’s Bike and Pedestrian Plan of which it was given a State funded Perth Bicycle Network Local Government Grant. Ms Henderson kindly replied to my letter on July 15, 2011. Her response is below.

Below is the body of Ms Henderson’s letter, her reply to myself:

Thank you for your correspondence dated 24 June 2011, please accept my apology for the delay in getting back to you, I was waiting to receive information from administration about the grant programme before I could provide my response.

It is understood that the city was awarded a grant to conduct a review of it Pedestrian and Bike Plan but unfortunately the project was delayed pending completion of a parallel study being conducted involving a review of our road hierarchy.

The consensus was that the road hierarchy needed review prior to the city being able to effectively review and update its pedestrian and cycling plan. I have been reassured that as soon as the hierarchy issue is resolved the pedestrian and cycling plan proposal will again be initiated.

Quite a disappointing response in my view and raises a number of questions about the process at the City of Subiaco.

  1. I assume as the Plan has not been produced the grant funding has to be returned to the State Government. This means the community misses out twice. First because there has been no plan produced and secondly because the grant money could have gone to another Council to be actually used; now it has gone back into consolidated revenue and we have nothing to show for it;
  2. Why did the Council apply for the grant if it new it was planning to complete a review of the road hierarchy?
  3. Given the grant was given out 12 months ago, how much time does the City of Subiaco need to complete a review?

A very disappointing outcome reflecting poorly on the City of Subiaco and a loss to the cycling community.


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