OWNER REVIEW: Australia’s Own Little Bike Bible – 365 Tips To Enjoy Riding


Little Bike Bible


I recently received from Bicycle NSW a copy of Australia’s own little bike bible – 365 tips to enjoy riding which is written by Simon Vincett.This is a neat A5 sized 94 page booklet providing tips for riding your bike. I would suggest that is aimed at new riders but experienced riders could learn a few things from it as well. I found it well written, to the point and quick and easy to read and to come back to for advice on specific topics.

Overall the information seems pretty spot-on. There is one or two tips which are outdated, e.g., Virgin Australia has changed its luggage allowance for bicycles, but really these are minor in nature.

The broad contents areas are:

  1. Knowing your way around a bike and different bike types
  2. Setting up a bike
  3. Tips on bike gear
  4. Commuting tips
  5. Riding technique tips
  6. Looking after your bike
  7. Travelling with your bike
  8. Fitness and health
  9. Challenging yourself
  10. Riding with the kids

I do recommend the Little Bike Bible to anyone coming into cycling from the cold or which to improve their knowledge of basic cycling tips. It can be purchased from Bicycle Victoria for $9.95 (free postage).

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