OWNER REVIEW: Route 7 Hi Vis Windproof Vest – Road Test


Route 7 High Vis Vest 1

Route 7 Hi Vis Windproof Vest

I purchased my Route 7 Hi Vis windproof vest (R7JKVP8VV) from Torpedo7 in February 2011 for $27.00.  I note that at the time of writing the price has gone up. My experience is that Torpedo7 do tend to vary their prices depending on sales etc.  This review is of my experience with the vest since I got it February.

Route 7 High Vis Vest2

Route 7 Hi Vis Windproof vest mesh vent on the back

This vest is claimed to be a water repellant and windproof high visibility vest and it pretty much lives up to this claim. The vest is bright yellow as can be seen from the photos, it works okay at protecting from the wind and due to its 50% mesh surface area on the back it vents quite well.

It is a very light vest with a claimed weight of 110 g. My XXL vest weighs in at 118 grams.  The lightweight comes from the very thin fabric used.  This is very noticeable and initially concerned me, but to date I have had no durability issues with the material.  The zip on the other hand is starting to show signs of getting notchy to use.


Features of the Vest

Route 7 High Vis Vest3Route 7 Hi Vis Windproof Vest false pockets

On the left and right sides of the vest there are pieces of material which suggest pockets when there are none. Not sure of the point of these; maybe they add some style to the vest?

Route 7 High Vis Vest5

Route 7 Hi Vis Windproof Vest toggle pulls

The vest comes with two toggle pulls to allow cinching of the vest tight at the waist. These are easy to use and of reasonable quality.

Route 7 High Vis Vest4

Route 7 Hi Vis Windproof Vest rear reflective logo


Finally the vest comes with a reflective number Route 7 logo on the back.


I purchased the vest to wear on the cold mornings and evening rides here in Perth. I find a long sleeved jacket is often too warm whereas a vest does the trick.  The bright yellow high vis colour is a bonus riding in the dark in the mornings and evenings.  It is also handy for satisfying Audax ride rules.

The bottom line is the vest does what I purchased it to do. That said I do have a couple of niggles, and really I have no reason for this first niggle given the durability of the vest to date, but it is very thin fabric. On the up side this makes the vest that much lighter.

My other niggle is the quality of the zip. It is not of great quality and it is already becoming a little notchy when used. In all honesty this is what will probably go first.

For the money, is it a repeat buy? Probably not given the price one can pay from UK and European retailers for better quality vests.

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