ROAD RULES: Two lane roundabouts: Driving through them safely



The RAC has produced a number of driving animations that illustrate the proper way to handle various driving situations that seem to be an issue with drivers. Two of the animations related to known problem areas for cyclists, roundabouts. They have two animations, one for single land roundabouts and one for multi-lane roundabouts.

The one for multi-lane roundabouts is of particular interest to cyclists.

Two lane roundabout rules

Driving two lane roundabouts

The animation is quite neat. It shows the proper way to drive through a roundabout when turning left, going straight ahead, turning right and when doing a u-turn in a roundabout.

Please keep in mind that the animation is designed for motor vehicle drivers and whilst they apply to cyclists, cyclists one more specific regulation to apply when using roundabouts. Regulation 100 apples to cyclists turning right in a roundabout from the left lane (lane one).

Regulation 100 of the Western Australian Road Traffic Code states that

the rider of a bicycle or an animal who is riding in the far left marked lane of a roundabout with 2 or more marked lanes, or the far left line of traffic in a roundabout with 2 or more lines of traffic, shall give way to any vehicle leaving the roundabout.

Do check out the animation. The RAC also has animations related to:

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