EVENT: Walk over October

Walk Over October

Walk Over October encourages Western Australians to be active by walking for transport, health, recreation and the environment. The month is full of state-wide activities and events promoting walking. Walk Over October replaces the Walk Week which had been the walking promotion program for the past 10 years.The purpose is to encourage your community to reduce the number of short car trips by walking all or part of your journey to your favourite destinations. You can also combine walking with public transport to find some of the thirty minutes of physical activity needed each day for good health. One way to participate in Walk Over October is to form a team and participate in the Corporate Challenge.

The Online Corporate Walking Challenge is held every year by the Department of Transport. The challenge is free and encourages participants from WA workplaces to increase their daily walking and replace some of the 90 million private car trips of less than one kilometre each year.

In 2011, the challenge will run from 3 to 28 October. So get a team together and get working. The challenge starts on Monday October 3, 2011.

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