GEAR NOTE: Garmin Edge 200 Announced


Garmin Edge 200

Garmin Edge 200

Garmin has announced a new edition to the Edge range of cycling computers, the Garmin Edge 200. The Edge 200 fits into the cycling range as a base model GPS enabled computer.

The Edge will be on the market in the third quarter of 2011 and has a suggested retail price of US$149.99. From the information provided so far, it appears that the Edge 200 is fairly basic in that it has no sensors (read no cadence/speed sensor and no heart rate monitor). The idea being that it is a simple connect to the bike model which relies on a GPS signal to collect basic ride data (speed, distance, time and calories). Mind you I cannot see the calories data as being anywhere near reliable, more so given the lack of heart rate data.

It does not appear that the Edge 200 has mapping features but it does import courses from Garmin Connect which suggests a bread crumb tracking feature.

Garmin suggests that the Edge 200 will store up to 130 hours of ride data, has 14 hours of battery life and is recharged via a USB cable. The unit will allow uploading of data to Garmin Connect. The battery life is not that spectacular and I would have expected better given the lack of connection to sensors which I would have assumed added to power consumption.

DC Rainmaker has put together one his excellent in-depth reviews. Well worth a read in my view. He concludes his review with the following comments:

If you’ve made it this far and are trying to decide which unit to get, I offer the following thoughts:

A) If you’re just getting into cycling and aren’t sure what you want from the sport yet – this is the unit for you.  It’ll tell you exactly where you went and all the goodness that comes with it.  It’s cheap, easy to setup and fairly indestructible. This is also a great unit for bike commuters that don’t care much about ANT+ data like heart rate or power on their commute to work- but that still want the total mileage data consolidated into their Garmin Connect accounts, or training logs.

B) If you’re into cycling a fair bit, then you really should look at the Edge 500 instead.  That’s the same form factor but has tons of additional features like intervals, advanced workouts and most importantly: ANT+ sensor data compatibility. Combine that with the new power meter features being added to it in the next month and you’ve got probably the best small cycling computer on the market.

C) If you’re into cycling and looking for mapping and navigational capabilities, then check out the Edge 800.  It’s got pretty maps (even satellite imagery!) and the ability to do on street routing.  It’s got everything the Edge 500 does, but adds a whole bunch more than you’d come to expect from a car GPS unit.

D) If you’re a triathlete, then you’ll want to be checking out either the Garmin FR305 or the Garmin FR310XT – both of which are geared towards the multisport crowd.

Make sense?  Good.

Overall, I absolutely see the value in a device at this price point and understand the cuts that Garmin made to shave off $100 from the Edge 500.  I see this is an ideal starter device that’s easy to move between bikes because of the mount system – making it ideal for sharing within a family.  While one could make the argument that the FR305 does virtually everything this unit does at the same price, it can’t be said that the FR305 is as clean as this device from a user interface standpoint, nor does it have the quarter-turn mount system.  If you’re looking for a great starter GPS device – this is probably the best product out there for the money.  It’ll just work every time without complications or setup requirements.


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  1. Ross 4 December 2011 at 1:47 AM #

    Been using my Edge 200 for a few weeks now and couldn’t be happier with it. If it was able to record your heart rate as well as the functionality that it currently has then it would be an awesome buy but i think a lot of people are being scared off buying as you are limited in what you can use it for when training/riding.

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