CYCLING INFRASTRUCTURE: Guildford Road Principal Shared Path (PSP)


Main Roads WA has announced the construction of the long awaited extension of the Perth to Midland Principal Shared Path (PSP). A 2.3 kilometre extension of the PSP will be built between Tonkin Highway and the Bassendean Train Station. Of course this still leaves the issue of a safe crossing of the Swan River and having the PSP actually reach Midland.  That said, progress is progress.

Scope of the Works:

  • Construction of 2.3 km of the Perth to Midland PSP between Tonkin Highway and Bassendean Train Station
  • Improvements to the traffic signal at Moojebing Street intersection; and
  • Improvements to the pedestrian crossing and railway crossing at Moojebing Street and Collier Road.

It is unclear exactly what Main Roads consider improvements to be. Is it wishful thinking to believe it might include bicycle friendly synchronised traffic lights?

Perth Midland PSP Ext 01

Perth - Midland PSP Extension - Part 1

Perth Midland PSP Ext 02

Perth - Midland PSP Extension - Part 2


The Department of Transport has committed funding to complete the project in the 2011/12 financial year and the facility has been designed by Main Roads WA. A tender will be let for the construction of the path before Christmas with completion expected by June 2012.

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