ROAD SAFETY: Outcomes – Vulnerable Road Users Safety Advisory Group Cycling Safety Forum – May 2011

Vulnerable Road Users Safety Advisory Group

The Vulnerable Road Users Safety Advisory Group held its first Cycling Safety Forum in May 2011.  The forum featured presentations from a number of speakers with an interest in vulnerable road user safety.

Copies of their presentations are available on the Office of Road Safety website.  This forum looked at teasing out the issues for cyclists. A second follow-up forum was held in August 2011 to delve into the issues and list solutions that may be applicable for Western Australia. The summary of the first forum is now available and I have made available for download a copy of the summary.  The key headings in the summary are:

  • Safe Road Use
  • Cycling safety and skills training
  • Road safety education
  • Safety equipment
  • Enforcement


  • Safe Roads and Roadsides
    • Infrastructure design
  • Safe Vehicles
    • Alternate vehicles
    • Bicycle equipment and maintenance
    • Motor vehicles
  • Safe Speeds
  • Safe System Foundations
    • Funding
    • Policy
    • Research
    • Legislation
    • Representation
  • Other Benefits – Cultural



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