City of Fremantle goes green: green cycling lane pop up in the City

September 2011 011

Green cycling lanes in the City of Fremantle

I noticed some new green “cycling lanes” in Parry Street, City of Fremantle, where they are meant to be putting in a cycling lane. The lanes are slowly coming along with newly painted green sections appearing at intersections similar to the photo above. It seems that is part of a wider program in the City of the Fremantle. The City has committed “to more and better bike infrastructure around the City” according to a post on Brad Pettit’s, Mayor of Fremantle blog.My experience with green cycling lanes is there use as cycling boxes, such as those at The Boulevard/West Coast Highway intersection, where I believe they are quite effective at clearly positioning cyclists and motorists. I am not so sure about these one’s appearing in the City of Fremantle. I can see that they make a statement that a cyclist lane is here in front of the intersection and it may draw attention tot he possibility of cyclists but they do put cyclists “in the kerb” and not out further in the lane where drivers are looking for other vehicles. Experience repeatedly reported by cyclists in various fora including the Vulnerable Road Safety User Group forums and myself, indicate that good road positioning is important for safety.

So for me the verdict is out on the effectiveness of these lanes. How do you feel about them?

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