SUBMISSION: NTC Discussion Paper: A Corporate Approach to Road Safety

NTC Discussion Paper

The National Transport Commission Australia published in August 2011 an interesting discussion paper titled “A corporate approach to transport safety: discussion paper“. I have taken the opportunity to make a brief submission on the paper and encourage all cyclists to do the same. I believe that this paper puts forward positive proposals which will contribute to a safety road cycling environment.My submission to the National Transport Commission Australia is as follows. You are welcome to adapt it for your own submission if desired. The deadline for submissions is September 30, 2011.

Chief Executive Officer
National Transport Commission
L15/268 Bourke Street

Dear National Transport Commission

I thank you for this opportunity to make a submission in response to the Commission’s discussion paper, “A corporate approach to road safety.” My brief comments are made not from the perspective of a corporate entity but from that of a vulnerable road user, a cyclist whom shares public roads regularly with corporate vehicles ranging from motor vehicles to B-and road train trucking rigs.

As a result of incidents on the road I have engaged in discussions with Singtel Optus Pty Limited <> and attempted the same with Hampton Transport <> . From my perspective the experience ultimately with Optus was very positive in that Optus adopts a responsible corporate approach to road safety. However, raising an issue similar to that canvased in the discussion paper with Worksafe Western Australia did not result in a positive outcome.

In light of my experiences as a vulnerable road user I fully support the proposals as put forward in the discussion paper and encourage the Commission to enter into discussions with the Western Australian State Government and in particular Worksafe Western Australia who I believe fall well short on encouraging a safe work place in a public environment. A change in attitude can only be a positive for all road users.

Once again I thank your for the opportunity to make this brief submission and I look forward to positive policy developments to come forth from this paper.

Yours faithfully

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