ROAD RULES: Road Traffic (Bicycles) Regulations 2002 Updated August 31, 2011

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I recently blogged on the proposed changes to the Western Australia Road Traffic (Bicycles) Regulations 2002. Well as of August 31, 2011 the Road Traffic (Bicycles) Regulations 2002 have been amended and the new regulations are now in force.The changes to the regulations are as follows:

Regulation 3. Interpretation – Definition of a bicycle

(1) In these regulations, unless the contrary intention appears —bicycle means a vehicle with 2 or more wheels that is built to be propelled by human power through a belt, chain or gears
(whether or not it has an auxiliary motor) and —
(a) includes a pedicab, penny-farthing and tricycle; but
(b) does not include a wheelchair, wheeled recreational device, wheeled toy or any vehicle with an auxiliary motor capable of generating a power output over 200 watts (whether or not the motor is operating);

This changes means that bicycles with a motor capable of generating a power output of 200 or less watts can now be ridden by adults (16 years +) on shared use paths with the motor engaged.

Regulation 3 (2) Interpretation … Unless the context requires otherwise, a reference in these regulations to the visibility of a light is a reference to its visibility, or its capacity to be visible, under normal atmospheric conditions, at any time between sunset and sunrise.

In case you where wondering what dark is 🙂

Regulation 8. Handle bar The handle bar of a bicycle must extend not less than 180 mm nor more than 330 mm on each side of the centre of the bicycle and the height of the uppermost point of the handle bar must not exceed the height of the uppermost part of the seat by more than 300 mm.

This is an amendment to the minim width which was 200 mm previously.

[11-13. Deleted in Gazette 30 Aug 2011 p. 3516.] Regulation 11 in the previous version of the regulations referred to the requirement to have a reflector fitted; Regulation 12 refers to lights and Regulation 13 referred to the colour of mudguards. Lights and reflectors are still regulated in the Road Traffic Code 2000.

Regulation 14. Child-carrying seats

Any child-carrying seat on a bicycle —
(a) must be securely attached to the frame of the bicycle;
(b) must be soundly constructed without sharp edges or protrusions;
(c) must not be located on the handlebars;
(d) if attached in close proximity to a wheel must be fitted with a guard to prevent any part of the occupant of the seat from contacting any moving part of the bicycle; and
(e) must be fitted with —
(i) a footrest or other device to steady the occupant;
(ii) a restraining device that cannot be easily or accidentally released by the occupant of the seat.

This means that child carrier seats can now be attached in front of bicycle handlebars provided that the rider has an uninterrupted view to the front of the bicycle. Child carrier seats that can be located forward of the handlebars are currently available for sale in WA.


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