GEAR NOTE: Locking up your pride and joy

Vlucan vsl501

Just a quick heads-up really, but for those in the market for bike locks or concerned about how to secure your bike, this recent blog post at Ride On is worth a read. They take a look at various locks available in the Australian market place.

I have one that looks like the Vulcan VSL501 Ultimate 3000 key lock which is okay but heavy. Probably really should upgrade! Also related to this topic is bicycle insurance. Some insurance companies may imposed restrictions on the type of lock used.

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  1. jet 13 October 2011 at 8:18 AM #

    This is great! My current u-lock rates fairly well – but it’s so bulky I don’t use it unless I’m going to be out at night…. so have been thinking about alternatives to my simple cable lock that are more convenient than U-locks. Some food for thought!

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