ROAD SAFETY: Lion (Masters) Takes Cyclist Safety Seriously


I am pleased to give a big tick to Lion Dairy & Drinks (a division of Lion which was formerly known as Lion Nathan) for their handling of a complaint I made on September 22, 2011 about a Masters M delivery truck here in Western Australia. There response is even more positive as I was not able to provide a video of the incident or actually identify the truck. My complaint and the response from Mr Paul Foster, Sales Director at Lion Dairy & Drinks is reproduced below.

My letter to Lion – September 22, 2011

Date: September 22, 2011

Mr Rob Murray
Chief Executive Officer
Lion Nathan National Foods
Level 7, 68 York Street

Dear Mr Murray

I am writing to you in respect to verbal abuse and threatening behaviour that I received from a member of your staff your staff operating a Masters truck on Selby Street, Wembley, Western Australia on the morning of Wednesday, September 21, 2011. The incident occurred at the intersection of Selby Street and Grantham Street, Wembley at approximately 7:00 AM.’

I was riding my bicycle ( a vehicle Mr Murray under the Western Australian Road Traffic Code 2000 as at August 31, 2011) in a northerly direction on Selby Street. I pulled up at the intersection of Selby and Grantham Streets and stopped at the stop sign as I am legally required to do and for obvious reasons the responsible thing to do. My forward facing video recording shows that I was stopped at the stop sign for 18 seconds. Being stopped Mr Murray for 18 seconds was too much for the operators of your Master’s truck who pulled up behind me after I had stopped (so in fact they where behind me for less than 18 seconds) as they felt it was appropriate to intimidate me by pulling up close behind me in their truck and then calling out abuse as apparently I was holding them up!

Let me make this very clear to you Mr Murray, the behaviour of your staff and their apparent ignorance of the road code is no justification for the intimidation of any road user, net alone a vulnerable one, nor is it acceptable nor appropriate for your staff to try to intimidate another road user in making a potentially dangerous (life threatening in my case) movement into the on-coming traffic all because they where delayed for less than a pathetic 18 seconds!

Mr Murray regretfully I do not have as yet a rear facing camera fitted to my bike otherwise the operators of your truck would have been reported for road rage.
In closing I can reassure you Mr Murray I don’t appreciate the behaviour of your staff and hence call on you to take appropriate steps to ensure your staff understand in in very clear terms their responsibilities to share the road in a respectfully manner and to understand that the Western Australian Road Code and to understand that cyclists are legitimate road users, that bicycles are a vehicle and need to be treated appropriately.

I hope Mr Murray that neither I nor any other road users has to put up with being intimidated or worse by your staff again.

Yours faithfully

Response from Mr Paul Foster, Sales Director, Lion Dairy & Drinks – October 18, 2011

18102011 Lion Response

Formal Notification to Lion Dairy & Drinks Drivers in Western Australia – October 18, 2011

18102011 Lion Response 0001

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