GEAR NOTE: Contour HD 1080P Rear Mount Using a RAM Mount

IMG 2531

Contour HD 1080P mounted with a RAM Mount

I have recently acquired a Jumbo HD808 #11 Key camera which has become my forward facing camera and thus freeing up my Contour HD 1080P to become my rearward facing camera.

I have experimented with mounting options using a Contour XL Handlebar mount but have managed to break a couple of those “over tightening” the mount so I have given up on them. Over paying around $44 for the mounts.

GramaeL at the Australian Cycling Forums has leant me a RAM bicycle mount to try out and I think this is the way to go for me.As the Contour HD1080 does not come with a tripod mount I am using my waterproof case as the immediately connection point between the camera and the RAM mount. The option is to pay another $44 for the Contour tripod mount adaptor. I think I will stick with the waterproof case as it protects the camera and makes removal really simple.

IMG 2535

Rear view of the mounting of the Contour HD 1080P

With the RAM mount I can mount the Contour HD 1080P just above the brakes and directly over the rear wheel. This ensures the camera is centred and I capture a small portion of the rear wheel, well mudguard actually in the vision. Helpful as reference point for any incident reports.

You can see from the photos how the camera is mounted.

The video that is captured is pretty good as well. I have the camera set at 720 30fps which is a good balance in terms of quality and angle. Sufficient for my purposes which is capturing video to be used in incident reports, of which hopefully there is none.

4 Responses to GEAR NOTE: Contour HD 1080P Rear Mount Using a RAM Mount

  1. perthcyclist 14 November 2011 at 11:09 AM #

    looks like a great solution! I take it you may be buying a RAM mount of your own in the near future then?


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