ROAD SAFETY: WasteCo Employees Called Upon to Respect ALL Road Users


Having given this incident shown in the video some thought, I decided to not report this to the Police but have written to Mr Shane Mailey who I understand is the owner-operator of WasteCo about the driving of what I assume is his employee. WasteCo is a company who describe themselves as a Western Australian family owned. I wonder if Mr Mailey’s focus on “family owned” extends to other families and that he recognises that they also should be allowed to go about their activities in a safe manner, without being threatened and bullied by his drivers?

A comment was posted on the YouTube video by mumfordson which does appear to have come from WasteCo or the driver of the truck. I have included it here in fairness to the company.

u were 100 mts away when i pulled out does your bike actualy have brakes if so you should try using them instead of barreling head on into asituation where u can get ur self injured just so u can get a worse version of what is actualy happenig as u have done to all of ur filming of vehicles and cyclist alike get over your self

It is interesting in reading this response, as I don’t think mumfordson realises that they are in fact acknowledging that they failed to give way. The reference to brakes is telling one. Why do I need my brakes if they passed the parked vehicle safely? Of course they hadn’t passed safely and hence the the expectation I should have braked to allow them to clear. I guess the concept of waiting to pass safely is a difficult one to grasp.

The copy of my letter to Mr Mailey is reproduced below.

Date: November 10, 2011

Mr Shane Mailey
29 Simmons Loop

Dear Mr Mailey

I was involved in an incident with one of your employees on October 21, 2011 at approximately 7:00 AM, on The Esplanade, Scarborough whilst I was riding my bicycle on my commute to work.

Despite clearly being required to give-way to me, your driver of your vehicle used the size of his vehicle to intimidate and put at serious risk a vulnerable road user by pulling out from behind a parked vehicle to force his way past and in the process forcing me to move out of the way

Quite clearly, this type of driving, in addition to being dangerous and stupid, tends to comprise the marketing benefits of the rather expensive paint job on your truck.

You can view the footage of the incident at

I’d appreciate your assistance in encouraging your employees to recognise that other people who share the roads with them have a right to do so without having their safety (deliberately) being threatened.

Yours faithfully

2 Responses to ROAD SAFETY: WasteCo Employees Called Upon to Respect ALL Road Users

  1. Cyclesnail 15 November 2011 at 12:28 PM #

    The benefits of having a camera….

  2. perthcyclist 15 November 2011 at 1:41 PM #

    hm, going by the literacy level of the comment, I think ‘failure to give way’ may be a difficult concept for mumfordson. I would have asked him if he would have done the same if you were operating a car…. or perhaps another truck?

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