BICYCLE TOURING NOTE: The Dung Beetle is Back!

Dung Beetle

Dung Beetle - Source: ABC

The dung beetle is back, well not until March 2012 so we will not see/feel the benefit until the summer of 2012/13, but at least there is a swipe-free future for the cycling tourist and bushwalker come 2012. I oh so hope they help with the blasted March fly as well.

The ABC is reporting that “scientists are hoping bushflies (sic) may be all but eradicated from Perth and the South-West under a new program to re-introduce dung beetles into the region. The dung beetle program was suspended over a decade ago.”The ABC article goes on to report:

Two European species of beetle, one from France and one from Spain, will be imported from next March.

They will then be gradually introduced to breeding sites in the Peel and Boyup Brook districts.

John Feehan, who once ran the program for CSIRO and now operates an independent consultancy, says it will take time but bushflies will eventually be eradicated:

“Both species will work in early Spring and that’s the very time that the bushfly population builds up into their millions so the beetles are just filling a little gap in the year that was not previously filled,” he said.

Mr Feehan says it may be a little while before the results become evident.

“Bringing these beetles into Australia they have to go through very strict quarantine system,” he said.

“They then have to be mass reared so it may be quite a few years before there is any particular result.”

All hail the mighty dung beetle đŸ™‚

One Response to BICYCLE TOURING NOTE: The Dung Beetle is Back!

  1. Steve 18 November 2011 at 2:33 PM #

    A lot of errors in that article. The dung beetles haven’t gone anywhere, existing species are doing a wonderful job. The two new species have been tried before and failed. If they do establish this time round, an impact on fly numbers is not a given because of the quality of dung in the spring time. If there is an impact on fly number we won’t notice it for a couple of decades. It is impossible to eradicate bush flies which are a native insect. John Feehan did not run the CSIRO program and is not involved in this new project.

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