CYCLISTS’ HEALTH NOTE: My Taste of BEET IT Stamina Shot – the power of NO

BEET IT stamina shot 70ml

I have had the opportunity to test a few samples of Trialia Foods Australia Pty Ltd a new energy product on the Australian market, called BEET IT. BEET IT is described as

a concentrated beetroot shot, that is the world’s first organic shot proven to improve performance and stamina. Harnessing the power of Nitric Oxide (NO) found in beetroot, it is able to boost oxygen usage efficiency, ensuring peak performance at any sporting level.

I am not a scientist nor am I a elite athlete, heck I am not an athlete so this review is from my experience of BEET IT as a commuter and Audax rider.I have in the past tried various gel products such as Endura GU, Powerbar and so on so have some products to compare BEET IT too. I also made a point of testing BEET IT on specific rides (commutes) that I do regularly to try and get a comparison. I also used BEET IT on couple of 200 km Audax rides to see how it went in that context.

BEET IT is 7cl of concentrated organic beetroot juice cut with lemon juice. Its key feature from a performance perspective is that it is meant to increase the efficiency of oxygen usage, referred to as the “power of NO (Nitric Oxide).

Based on my experience as everyday cyclist I am pretty impressed with BEET IT. I think it is fair to say that it is the first product I have used where I have noticed an improvement in my riding compared to completing the same ride without it. I also noticed that for the first three to four hours of the Audax rides I was performing better than I have in the past. On the downside, however, the drop-off in performance on the reminder of the rides was more noticeable.

To put the above in context. I received unsolicited, six sample bottles of BEET IT (70 ml) from WordStorm PR to try out but with no obligation to post a report on my experiences.

I decided to test the samples on four commutes where I had some experience of riding the same route. I did this to try and get some idea of the effectiveness or otherwise of BEET IT. I then used the other two sample bottles (70 ml bottles) on two Audax rides, to see if I could notice any difference in my riding on the longer distance rides.

With all the rides I followed the instructions and drank the shots approximately one hour before the ride started. On all my rides I also drink a made up solution of Golden Circle Sports Cordial. So in the case of the rides where I took BEET IT I also drank Golden Circle Sports Cordial. In addition on the Audax rides I tend to munch on a Mother Earth baked slice about every hour of the ride. I don’t have any formal measurement of performance change, so can only report what I felt about the rides.

On the commutes I did feel that my riding was better, I felt better in myself and on most of those rides I did active a better time than I have in the recent past. Can I put it all down to BEET IT? I doubt it, but I did feel better after those rides so I suspect it had some impact. Would I continue to use it on my commutes? No with one qualification I wouldn’t but would I use it for my endurance training rides (around three hours) and group rides? Yes for sure.

In respect to the Audax rides which where 200 + km I felt a noticeable difference over the first three to four hours of the ride, but then felt the energy levels dropping off fairly quickly. For me this was quite noticeable, so if I was to continue to use BEET IT on these rides I would need to look at the effectiveness of taking another shot or possibly two shots at around three hours into the ride and again at around six hours into the ride. I haven’t tried this yet but will consider it for sure.

So how does it taste? Well I am not a beetroot fan, trust me, but I do like adding lemon to my water (one lemon to two litres of water makes a nice summer drink). Let me put it this way, the lemon helps 🙂 I can cope with knocking down a 70 ml shot of BEET IT but I couldn’t see me having a glass of it before every ride 🙂

In summary will I seek out and continue using BEET IT? Yes I will, but mainly for my training rides, group rides and Audax rides. I will also give it a go on my 42 km evening coastal commutes into Perth’s infamous wind, the Fremantle Doctor. If it helps on those rides then that is enough for me to make it a winner 🙂

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