OWNER REVIEW: Light My Fire Firesteel 2.0 Fire Lighter

Light My Fire FireSteel 2.0

Light My Fire Firesteel 2.0

I first blogged on my purchase of a Light My Fire Firesteel 2.0 here. Well I have had a chance to play with the Firesteel on a four day cycling tour through the Darling Range.So how have I found it? Well I have found it reasonably easy to use but not as straight forward initially as I expected. My use has been using it to light my Trail Designs 12-10 alcohol stove so part of my problem, was initially not understanding how to use the stove and hence I found the Firesteel a little frustrating.

Now that I have got a handle on the stove the Firesteel is coming into its own. I am not yet at the point where I can light the stove with the first strike but I am getting better at it and normally have the stove lit within four strikes.

What I have learnt with the Firesteel is that the striker only works one way; so if you hold it “wrong” it will not strike.

I also suspect I am striking to high up the steel hence I don’t transfer the spark to the fuel the first go. I assume with some more practice I will get better at this. Actually I have just viewed the Light My Fire video and see what I should have been doing. I can now see the Firesteel working a treat for me 🙂

One negative but. The video suggests that the Firesteel works just as well wet as it does dry. Okay so I just took the Firesteel, ran it under the tap, and had a go at getting a spark. Zilch. Second strike, zilch …. about six to 10 strikes later I get some life out of the Firesteel. It came back okay, but nothing like what is suggested in the video. Maybe a box of dry matches is a handy backup.

So for me the Light My Fire Firesteel 2.0 is a piece of kit that I will be hanging on to.

For those interested it weighs in at 27 grams and I find it packs away nicely in my Evernew Titanium 0.9 l pot.

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