OWNER REVIEW of the Evernew Titanium Pot 0.9l (ECA252)

Evernew 0.9 litre Titanium Pot

Evernew 0.9 litre Titanium Pot

I recently blogged on my new cooking system which included an Evernew Titanium Pot, the ECA252 Ti Ultralight Pot 2 (0.9 l). Well I got to use the pot on four day bicycle tour through the Darling Range recently so here is my update on the pot.

Specifications of Evernew Titanium Pot

I purchased the Evernew Titanium pot as part of my new cooking system from Trail Designs. The purchase price was $AU34.35.

The 900 ml pot which is made of titanium has a reported weight of 115 grams but it weighed in for me at 110 grams excluding the supplied stuff sack.

It comes with insulated fold back handles made of heat resistant silicon so eliminates the need to carry a pot holder, potentially reducing the kit weight even further.

It also has a lid which fits snugly into the top of the pot. The lid has a small U-shaped handle to facilitate removal.

The final feature of the pot is that it has 300 ml and 600 ml markings stamped into the pot wall.

A mesh stuff sack is also included but I am not using mine, preferring to use a Sea to Summit sack which allows me to package my whole cooking kit into the one sack.

Performance of Evernew Titanium Pot

What can one say about a pot? Its a pot 🙂 Well actually there is a little more to it than that. But first, I should put my use of the Evernew Titanium pot into context. I use my pot with my a href=””>Trail Designs Sidewinder Ti-Tri cooking system, which is an alcohol stove system. My cooking system is specifically sized to take the Evernew ECA252 0.9 l pot.

In this context I have found the Evernew Titanium pot to perform well so far in respect to my primary use of it; boiling water, heating powdered milk and heating re-hydrated meals. I have also used it to “cook” custard powder but that was not so successful.

Before I come back to the custard experiment, I will touch on the other aspects of the pot and how they have performed.

Trail Designs Sidewinder Ti-Tri with Evernew Titanium Pot

Trail Designs Sidewinder Ti-Tri with EvernewECA252 0.9l Titanium Pot

Insulated handles: The Trail Designs Sidewinder cone is designed to direct the heat from the stove to the bottom of the pot, that is there is little flame going up the side of the pot. With this design I have found the handles if positioned correctly in the gap in the cone do not heat up even when boiling 600+ ml of water.

I have also found the handles to be comfortable to use and sufficient to allow proper support of the pot when it is full. It is early days yet but there is no sign of durability issues.

Measurement Markings: As mentioned the Evernew Titanium pot comes with 300 ml and 600 ml markings stamped into the wall of the pot. Of course a cup is 250 ml and I thought initially this was a silly decision to go with 300 ml. Having now used the pot a bit, I have found 300 ml marking is about right for a decent cup of tea or coffee and works well for other things such as porridge etc. Despite my initial concerns I have found the markings really handy and use them all the time. For example if I was just making a coffee or a tea I would boil 300 ml of water, but at breakfast where I want a coffee and to make my porridge I boil 600 ml which gives me the required balance for the two parts of my breakfast while minimising my fuel usage.

So these markings have worked out as being a real bonus from my perspective.

The Lid: The lid is a nice snug fit into the top of the pot, but not so snug as to be a pain getting out or in. I find it easy to use and it appears to improve the performance of the pot in terms of speeding up the boiling process, i.e., less loss of energy.

The little handle has been easy to use. I haven’t used it with gloves so cannot comment on that aspect.

Heat Distribution: I have heard of problems with titanium pots in terms of burning meals due to poor heat distribution. I do wonder if this is in part due to the top of stove used. As I am using an alcohol stove, albeit an efficient one in the Trail Designs 12-10 stove I have had no issues with poor heat distribution boiling water, boiling powdered milk, cooking porridge and re-hydrating dehydrated meals.

I have however had a problem cooking/boiling custard powder. The custard powder was mixed into cold water and then boiled. During the boiling process it was frequently stirred. Despite this I found it got burnt to the bottom of the pot. Cleaning the pot after cooking the custard entailed a fair amount of use of a Chux heavy duty scourer pad to remove the burnt material. The use of the scourer pad does not seem to have damaged the pot surface but I am not keen on having to do this too often. I note that Chux do a non-scratch scourer which maybe a better option with this pot.

Soot: The pot has been stained by soot emitted from the alcohol stove. That is the bottom and interestingly the sides of the pot are stained. I have tried removing the stains without any luck so I guess this is just a characteristic of this combination of pot and stove.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of Evernew Titanium Pot

The Good

  • The light weight for sure;
  • The size, it works for me;
  • Insulated handles. Not having to carry a pot holder is a bonus;
  • Measurement markings. I use them whenever I use the pot;
  • The lid fits nicely.

The Bad

  • My biggest concern is the heat distribution when heating custard and similar foods;
  • Bit disappointing with the staining of the outside of the pot;
  • The price – ouch.

The Ugly

  • Nothing.


This is a good piece of kit despite its price and I can see it having a future in my kit bag.

5 Responses to OWNER REVIEW of the Evernew Titanium Pot 0.9l (ECA252)

  1. Dell Wilson 24 December 2011 at 8:54 PM #

    Good review. I look forward to more.

    • Aushiker 24 December 2011 at 10:16 PM #

      Thanks for your feedback Dell. All the best with the S240. Your preparations sound pretty good. For those wondering about the S240, check out .

  2. Tim clarke 3 March 2013 at 1:59 PM #

    Great review thanks. To prevent sticking when cooking custard, try heating the milk to near boiling and then add the custard powder mixed with a minimum of cold milk. The cooking of the starch will be over so quickly it will not have time to stick. This is a good rule for all starch based thickeners.


  3. Suzanne Russell 13 September 2014 at 9:46 AM #

    Can anyone tell me where I can buy the Evernew Titantium pot in Sydney? I know where to buy it online from the US but would like to save on postage. Thanks for the review.


    • Aushiker 13 September 2014 at 3:34 PM #

      Sorry Suzanne being in Perth I am not familiar with the options in Sydney. However you might find it worthwhile asking in the Bushwalk Australia forums. Someone might have some ideas.

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