BICYCLE PLANS: Shenton Park Traffic Management Plan Abandoned

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In September 2011 I along with others made a submission to the City of Subiaco in respect to their proposed Shenton Park Traffic Management Intervention Plan. I am pleased to report that at the November 22, 2011 meeting of the City of Subiaco Council that a motion was passed to abandon the plan in respect to road hierarchy and to undertake a city-wide traffic study instead. Hopefully a small win for common sense and cycling.The formal motion as reported in the minutes of the meeting is:

The Shenton Park Traffic Management Intervention Plan relating to road hierarch only be abandoned and that the area be the subject of a future city-wide traffic study.
Council notes the community objections to reclassifying the road use hierarchy of Herbert and Nicholson Road.

In respect to the Plan, the Council received 117 submissions. The points of relevance to cyclists coming from the submissions are:

  • Overall, respondents were in favour of increases to the hierarchy of Aberdare Road and Thomas Street/Winthrop Avenue, but were generally against any upgrades of the hierarchies of internal roads. This is of concern as it was proposed to remove the cycling lane on Aberdare Road. Furthermore Aberdare Road is part of the Perth Bicycle Network and a connector to Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.
  • Most submissions that cited bus and truck routes were opposed to changes. This is interesting as Aberdare Road was marked for upgrading to a truck route.
  • Although cycle routes were generally supported, there were mixed views about particular routes. Nicholson Road was not seen as a preferable route, and seven responses opposed the removal of the Aberdare Road cycle lane. Many expressed the desire for more cycle lanes and shared paths as long as their street parking was not affected. Disappointing as it shows a lack of understanding of the very serious risk of door zones. Surly the value of human life should come before convenience?

The minutes of the meeting with the Council decision can be found here. Just scroll to page 45. The submissions and other attachments referred to are not included in the PDF nor could I locate on the Cities website.

Overall a good decision, however, vigilance is still with the Council now proceeding with a city wide traffic study. Please consider making a submission to this study to encourage a strong cycling focus in the Council’s plans.

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