Crud Raceguard Mudguard Owner Review


I have been using a set of Crud Raceguard mudguards since July 2011 when I got around to fitting them to my Giant XTC 2 in time for a tour of the south-west of Western Australia taking in the Munda Biddi Trail. I cannot recall when I purchased these mudguards but they appear to be the same as Crud Raceguard mudguards shown on the Crud Product website.

Crud Raceguard - Front Mudguard

Crud Raceguard – Front Mudguard

I have really only used these on the one tour so my experience with them in the rain has been limited to more road riding than playing in the dirt and mud, but that said, my primary use of this bike is off-road touring so my review of the Crud Raceguard is from that perspective anyway. In summary I am pretty happy with these mudguards. Both the front and rear mudguards where easy to fit and did the trick keeping the mud and rain off me and the bike. Would I buy them again? For sure. They are a good piece of kit.

For more details about the Crud Raceguard mudguards and how I have found them, please scroll down.

Specifications of the Crud Raceguard Mudguards

Crud Raceguard - Rear Mudguard

Crud Raceguard – Rear Mudguard

The Crud Raceguard mudguards are a front and rear mudguard designed for mountain bikes. They are not fenders as such in that they are not mounted over the wheel. Rather the front guard is mounted to the down-tube via rubber o-rings and the rear guard is mounted to seat-post via a single bolt mounting bracket.

The Crud Raceguard is made of some sort of plastic material and hence are quite light and it would seem stiff and robust.

Performance of the Crud Raceguard Mudguards


Crud Raceguard - O-Ring Front Mudguard Mount

Crud Raceguard – O-Ring Front Mudguard Mount

The fitting of the Crud Raceguard is pretty straight forward. It took me about five minutes to fit the front and rear guards. The front is held on by o-rings and is attached to the down-tube. All up a pretty straight forward method of fitting.

Crud Raceguard - Rear One Bolt Mudguard Mount

Crud Raceguard – Rear One Bolt Mudguard Mount

The rear Crud Raceguard is fitted by a one-bolt system which attaches the mudguard to the seatpost. Again this was pretty simple approach and only took a few minutes. The mudguard can be easily adjusted to get the required position/clearance and it looks like it would be easy to detach/re-attach if desired.

Performance in the Rain

Giant XTC and Bob Ibex - Munda Biddi Trail Bound

Giant XTC and Bob Ibex – Munda Biddi Trail Bound

I have only used the Crud Raceguard on my one off-road tour in 2011, a ride of the Munda Biddi Trail. This ride involved pretty much a full day of riding in the rain but mainly on bitumen road and paths; about 123 kilometres that day. This was followed by some sporadic wet weather riding the next day and a couple of days of riding tracks and dirt roads that where a bit muddy from the rain earlier in the week; approximately 390 kilometres of riding.

For me the Crud Raceguard mudguards worked a treat. The kept me free of mud and splatter coming off the front wheel and off the rear wheel. They did not however provide anything in the way of protection for the drivetrain as you would get from a fender or wrap around style of mudguard such as the SKS Chromoplastic. Is this a big issue? Not for me and really on the mountain bike I am looking for personal weather protection more than protection for the bike.

The other advantage with the rear Crud Raceguard is that it is effective in reducing spray coming up and over my trailer which I pull behind the Giant XTC 2. On my last tour with this bike this was a BOB Ibex, so keeping the splatter off the dry bag was handy.

With respect to the mounting of the rear Crud Raceguard this has worked well. The mudguard has stayed in place and no adjustment has been required to date.

So in summary, the performance has been more than adequate and I am happy with the Crud Raceguard mudguards.


Durability of the Crud Raceguard Mudguards

I really haven’t used the Crud Raceguard mudguards enough to come to a conclusion on durability. That said I did drop the bike a few times on the Munda Biddi Trail ride and no damaged occurred to the mudguards and they did not get out of shape or need adjustment. So all good so far.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of the Crud Raceguard Mudguards

The Good

  • Quick and easy to fit;
  • They work well at keeping the rain and road splatter off the rider;
  • One can purchase a replacement rear mounting bracket from Crud Products website;
  • The rear mounting system does not need adjusting once fitted.

The Bad

  • Nothing with the product itself but;
  • Crud Products could provide more information on the product itself on their website; and
  • Broken link to the page on over tighten brackets needs fixing, assuming there is in fact information available on this.

The Ugly

  • Nothing.

Resources and Other Websites Related to Crud Raceguard Mudguards

  • None that I am aware of. Have any suggestions? Please let me know in the comments box.

2 Responses to Crud Raceguard Mudguard Owner Review

  1. Errol Lee 16 May 2013 at 1:44 PM #

    Hi Just wondering where you bought these from? Is there a shop in WA that sell crud products? I’m looking at getting some crud roadracer mkII for my roadie

    • Andrew Priest 17 May 2013 at 9:18 AM #

      Not 100% sure who I brought them from but it was not in Perth, it would have been from a UK online retailer, probably ChainReactionCycles. I have tried out the Crud Roadracer MK2 Guards which I purchased from Ribble Cycles, again in the UK

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