Felt Bicycle B12 S22 Triathlon and Time Trial Bikes Subject to Safety Recall

Product Safety Recalls Australia in-cooperation with the Australian Felt Bicycles distributor Southcott Pty Ltd have announced a recall of Felt Bicycle B12 and S22 triathlon models. These models are triathlon and time trial bikes.

Recalled Felt Bicycle S22

Recalled Felt Bicycle S22

The Felt Bicycle B12 S22 recall notice indicates that the model year 2010 forks are of concern.

Fork Serial Numbers – Felt Bicycle B12 S22 Recall

The Felt Bicycle B12 S22 recall notice provides details of the affected forks.  The serial number of the affected forks fall within the following ranges:

A05081—05100 , A05121—05140 , A05161—05180

A05221—05231 , A05241—05300 , A08451—08470

A08916—08927 , A20021—20128 , A20161—20200

A20261—20420 , A20441—20480 , A20501—20557

A20561—20577 , A20581—20669 , A20673—20675

A20681—20692 , A20698—20740 , A20771—20830

A20839—21060 , A21081—21180 , A21201—A21280

A21321—A21440 , A21481—A21500 , A21521—A21540

A21561—A21580 , A21601—A21640 ,A21648—A21660

A21681—A21700 , A21721—A21760 , A21781—A21838

A21881—A21900 , A21921—A21960 , A22061—A22111

A22115—A22140 , A22161—A22180 , A22264—A22267

A22281—A22340 , A22361—A22380 , A22501—A22523

Felt Bicycle B12 S22 Recall Faults

The risk with the Felt Bicycle B12 S22 forks is that the forks my detach from the handlebars of your Felt B12 or Felt S22 and that this may hurt, well it may hurt badbly in fact.  It seems this will occur if the forks crack at the steerer, resulting in their detaching from your bicycle.

What should you do if you are affected by the Felt Bicycle B12 S22 Recall?

It might be smart to stop riding your bicycle and then get in touch with your local Felt Bicycle dealer and/or Nic Eagle at Southcott Pty Ltd on 1800 805 024 . Oh it seems that the Felt B12 and S22 was not sold in the Northern Territory or Tasmania so if you live in these localities your local Felt Bicycle dealer if you have one may not be up to speed on the recall.

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