WestCycle Launches its 2012 – 2014 Strategic Plan

Westcycle (they can also be found on Facebook and on Twitter) is the new state coordinating body for cycling in Western Australia. Westcycle is about embracing the competitive recreation and transport elements of cycling.

Westcycle Strategic Plan 2012-2014

Westcycle Strategic Plan 2012-2014

Westcycle’s full strategic plan for the period 2012 – 2014 can be downloaded here and I do encourage you to download and read it.  I have highlighted a couple of key aspects of the plan to wet your appetitte.

Westcycle’s Strategic Mission

To service, protect and promote the interests of our member organisations and to facilitate the development of cycling at all levels and across all elements.

Within this mission statement Westcycle sees itself:

  1. Working for all Western Australian cyclists;
  2. Not competing with other cycling organisations by not getting involved in event or program delivery;
  3. Planning for success.

Westcycle Strategic Challenges

WestCycle sees that it has a role in Western Australia in respect of three strategic challenges:

  1. Building relationships, alliances and partnerships with organisations and groups that form part of the WA cycling community.
  2. Creating a shared vision of cycling in WA across the competitive, recreation and transport elements and then delivering that vision through a statewide strategic plan for cycling in WA.
  3. Ensuring the ongoing financial stability of Westcycle and working with our member organisations to support their sustainability.

WestCycle Strategic Goals

Westcycle has three overarching strategic goals which it expects to achieve within the life time of the Strategic Plan:

 Leadership and Coordination - The Western Australian cycling community is working in collaboration to advance and promote cycling.

Westcycle’s targets under the heading of leadership and coordination are:

  1. Development and endorsement of a Statewide Strategic Plan for Cycling in WA by 30 September 2012;
  2. Development and endorsement of a WA Mountain Bike Strategy and Sustainability Framework by 30 June 2013;
  3. Colocation office facility established and shared by all state cycling representative bodies by 30 June 2013;
  4. Coordinated events calendar established for 2013 racing year;
  5. Launch of Westcycle website by 31 March 2012;
  6. Actions identified on how to progress common insurance issue by 30 June 2012.

Advocacy - Westcycle is acknowledged as a trusted advocate working towards positive change for the WA cycling community.

Westcycle’s targets under the heading of advocacy are:

  1. Westcycle is recognised as the voice of cycling to government in WA by all of our members;
  2. Membership base to include all state cycling representative bodies by 30 June 2013.

Resources - The Western Australian Cycling community is well resourced.

Westcycle’s targets under the heading of resources are:

  1. Commercialisation strategy developed and targets established by 30 June 2012;
  2. Yearly growth in non-grant funded revenue streams;
  3. Yearly growth in the amount of funds distributed to our member organisation for cycling initiatives.

Closing Comments on Westcycle

On a personal note I think Westcycle has been reasonable in its objectives and I believe its approach of engagement and involvement of all Western Australian cycling organisations is a good one as it encourages the different facets of cycling in Western Australia to work together under the one umbrella organisation.  Hopefully Westcycle is able to complete this goad with the bringing into the fold, Bicycling Western Australia.

I wish all the success to Westcycle and I do hope that all cyclists in Western Australia support the organisation in working on our behalf.

2 Responses to WestCycle Launches its 2012 – 2014 Strategic Plan

  1. perthbiker 27 March 2012 at 9:27 PM #

    Thanks for the info Andrew. I hope this mob can make a difference but I am a bit sceptical of yet another government funded organisation. They have all the politically correct catch-phrases and a nice logo but what we really need is some serious money spent on the ground. In my opinion what we are lacking in Australia is the understanding of how bicycles can be transport (again). This group may have a bias towards sport. I guess, time will tell.

  2. Aushiker 28 March 2012 at 10:35 AM #

    Thanks for your comments. Westcycle board is fairly diverse from what I have seen (e.g., the Mayor of Perth Brad Pettitt is a Board member) and all cycling bodies with the exception of Bicycling Western Australia are members.

    Time will tell as to how effective it is of course.

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