Peddle for Pettitt (Mayor of City of Fremantle)

reads the headline given by the sub-editor to my recently published letter on page 6 of the April 7 2012, edition of the Fremantle Herald. I wrote in support of Mayor Brad Pettitt and the City of Fremantle council as it had in my view received some unfair criticism in terms of cycling infrastructure in the City. Dr Pettitt by the way was recently appointed to the board of WestCycle. An important and strategic move by the Board in my view.

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The City of Fremantle is one of the more progress and cycling friendly councils in Western Australia and should be supported and encouraged in my view, not subject to unfair criticism. That criticism deservedly needs to be directed at councils doing little or nothing to enhance cycling in Western Australia and without a doubt the Western Australian State Government.

City of Perth for example comes to mine with still no City of Perth bicycle plan published, cycling infrastructure being ripped up and in a general mess and a State Government minister in Troy Buswell who apparently “rides a bicycle” but seems to see little benefit in encouraging cycling if the draft Western Australian Bicycle Network Plan is anything to go by.

City of Fremantle on the other hand has recently:

  • Installed a left-turn bicycle lane from Port Beach Road into Bracks Street following the change of this intersection to block turning into the Bracks Street from Port Beach Road. This was done without hassle, without major delays, after the suggestion was made by a cyclist. Well done to the City of Fremantle.
  • Installation of green cycling lanes on Parry Street which has in my limited experienced changed driver behaviour at the Parry Street/High Street intersection in favour of cyclists. A good thing given my experience with Transperth drivers at this intersection.
  • The removal of a car parking bay on Henry Street, Fremantle replacing it with bicycle parking instead. You will find it outside Moore on Moore, a cyclist friendly cafe.

Can you share other positives about what City of Fremantle has done for cycling or for that matter other councils? Please do so via the comments form below.

On the subject of cycling infrastructure I do support the work of Senator Ludlam in developing the Bike Blackspot application for the iPhone which is another tool in the armour of cyclists wishing to report cycling infrastructure black spots to the Minister of Transport, Troy Buswell. Senator Ludlam also maintains a supporting website with a map highlighting where the infrastructure falls down.

The Bike Blackspot application is however not the only means to report issues and there are other applications more suitable for reporting hazards such as glass on the roads. Neatstreets and Snap Send Solve are two such beasts.

We get the cycling infrastructure we ask for, so if you want better cycling infrastructure please encourage your council and the state government to think cycling. Please consider putting aside a Saturday and inputting into the Western Australian Bicycle Network Plan feedback session being organised by the Bicycle Transport Alliance on May 5, 2012. It is your cycling infrastructure, please stand up for it.

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