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Given the nature of Western Australia’s Mediterranean climate my preference on dry riding days in winter is to use a full fingered glove, but not a full blown winter glove. I first went with SealSkinz thermal liner gloves but they never really worked out for me. I then came across DeFeet Duragloves and purchased a pair from Wiggle in August 2011 for a delivered cost of $16.00.  I then put the gloves to good use for the reminder of the 2011 winter and spring riding season.

DeFeet Duragloves

DeFeet Duragloves


The DeFeet Duragloves seem to have hit the mark for me. They are more robust than the SealSkinz thermal liner gloves, they grip much better given that they are more of a cycling glove and they provide the right level of warmth for me when used on their own. I also find that I don’t need to wear a pair of summer gloves in combination with them whereas I tended to do this with the SealSkinz thermal liner gloves. So for me these have been a winner and I have ordered a second pair of Duragloves for the 2012 downunder winter.

DeFeet Duragloves specifications

The DeFeet Duragloves come in two versions: Duragloves Wool (a merino wool version) and Duragloves (the CoolMax EcoMade version). This review is of the DeFeet Duragloves CoolMax EcoMade version. DeFeet describe this version of the Duragloves as being the ideal autumn, winter, spring cycling and running glove and for me it is the ideal winter and spring cycling glove. Autumn is relatively mild so I do not tend to wear warmer gloves in this season and well gloves are not something I find I need for running either. So a winter/spring cycling perspective here.

The DeFeet Duragloves CoolMax EcoMade model is recommended for temperatures are 4 – 15 C+ degrees and where there is little chance of rain.

View of the DeFeet Duraglove siliconised grips

View of the DeFeet Duraglove siliconised grips

The other cool feature of the DeFeet Duragloves is the grippers on the palm and fingers of the underside of the glove. The grips assist in providing a firm grip on the handlebars. According to they are sticky silicone dots. I have also seen them referred to as being “rubberised.” DeFeet don’t say anything on their website.

Performance of the DeFeet Duragloves

Basically I wear the DeFeet Duragloves to keep my fingers warm on the cool morning rides and to provide some protection for my hands in the case of an off. I haven’t come off so haven’t put that aspect to the test, but I have ridden with them in dry weather conditions where the temperature has dropped to around 0 C and there has been some light rain about.

The DeFeet Duragloves have performed admirably in those conditions. The other advantage with these gloves is that I can keep my hands warm without the need to wear bulky winter gloves. The DeFeet Duragloves still allow me to easily grab a bar or gel out of my jersey pocket and get it open.

They also work well with my Garmin Edge 800 but my Google Nexus S phone does not like them. If I need to use the phone on a ride, the gloves have to come off.

In respect to sizing DeFeet do not have sizing information on their website so I had to go with the information on Wiggle Ltd’s website. I found I was borderline between medium and large and I went for large. This proved to be a good choice as they gloves are a nice comfortable and firm fit.

Washing the DeFeet Duragloves

DeFeet Duragloves washing instructions

DeFeet Duragloves washing instructions

DeFeet provide washing instructions on their website and they are summarised here:

  • Machine wish – warm or cool water – maximum temperature of 30 C
  • Do no bleach
  • Do not use fabric softeners
  • Tumble dry on low is okay

My approach to washing is at the end of the day’s riding (generally commutes) the gloves go in to the front loader for washing. I have the temperature set at 30 C, I don’t use bleach or fabric softeners but do include Vanish in the wash. I tend to dry the gloves on the line.

My approach to washing the DeFeet Duragloves has had no detrimental effect and the gloves have kept their shape and size.

On the durability front, the DeFeet Duragloves are not showing any wear issues at all and I would expect them to see the 2012 season through without an issue.

In summary I am very happy with the DeFeet Duragloves and based on experience so far believe I have found the ideal glove for my dry weather winter riding. Given my experience with the first pair of gloves I have ordered a second pair for this winter’s riding season.

The good, the bad, the ugly of the of the DeFeet Duragloves

The Good, the bad and the ugly

The Good

  • Thin but warm … ideal for my riding conditions;
  • No need to wear summer riding gloves in combination with the DeFeet Duragloves;
  • Like the palm and finger grips;
  • Work okay with my Garmin Edge 800
  • Thin enough to allow access to jersey pockets and to open gel packets etc;
  • Wash well;
  • No shrinkage or durability issues.

The Bad

Nothing so far

The Ugly

Nothing so far

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