Container deposit scheme for WA? Much hope?

A container deposit scheme for Western Australia was the focus of a recent article in the Western Australian newspaper, Minister eyes recycling schemeThe article showed some promise that the Western Australian State Minister for the Environment Bill Marmion was seriously considering a container deposit scheme in Western Australia, something that is good for the environment and for cyclists (lets get that glass off the roads and paths!)


In light of the article in the West Australian I fired off an email in support of the Minister and a container deposit scheme for Western Australia. I also cc the email to Adele Carles MLA, Member for Fremantle and my local state MP.

My email reads:

I read with interest the article in the West Australian, Minister eyes recycling scheme and I am pleased to see that you are considering a container deposit scheme for Western Australia.  I strongly encourage you to stand up against vested interests and introduce such a scheme ASAP.

As a cyclist, I regularly report broken glass on paths and roads to various Perth councils and the Main Roads who in turn have to then take steps at a significant cost to clean-up the broken glass which is a hazard to cyclists and pedestrians.  A container deposit scheme may well reduce this cost significantly whilst reducing a dangerous hazard for cyclists and of course resulting in positive outcome for the environment.

I again encourage you to move quickly to establish a container deposit scheme in Western Australia.

Well a few days later I received an email response from Adele Carles.

Thank you for copying me in to your email to Environment Minister Bill Marmion of 28 May regarding a container deposit scheme for WA. I couldn’t agree with you more that a scheme like this is well overdue in WA and would do a great deal to boost recycling and take dangerous litter off the streets. I have raised this issue in Parliament a number of times and spoke at length during the debates on the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Amendment Bill in 2009 on the urgent need for a Container Deposit Scheme for Western Australia. I will continue to use my position as an Independent MP in Parliament to speak out on these issues to persuade other MP’s to adopt this important environmental initiative.

Cannot expect much more from Adele Carles given her position as an independent MP and not a member of the government.

This week the Minister Marmion replied to my email with a nice two page letter saying not a lot on the container deposit scheme for Western Australia. The only paragraph or two actually related to the substance of my email where:

The Western Australian Government is working with other jurisdictions to investigate the potential for a national container deposit scheme, and other measures, to address packaging waste impacts, through the Standing Council on Environment and Water and its Packaging Impacts Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement.  While the Western Australian Government awaits the outcome of the national process, support will continue to be given to initiatives targeting littering and illegal  dumping and for activities that improve waste management and recycling… Once the national process has been completed and its findings have been assessed, the Government will determine any requirement for further actions to ensure an effective and efficient outcome is achieved for waste management in Western Australia.

Nothing very encouraging in that. Has the packaging industry lobbying won through again? I guess time will tell. In the meantime if you are supportive of container deposit scheme please let the Minister know at

On a related note I am impressed at the quick response from the Minister. His counter-part and rumoured future Liberal Premier Troy Buswell has a lot to learn.

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