Cyclists are people too – please share the road

I have long held the view that too often those who choose to ride a bicycle, particularly those who choose to ride on the road, are no longer seen as people, but as “cyclists” or worse.  There seems to be in the use of the term “cyclist” a disconnect from the reality that that cyclist are people to, a person, just like you and I.  I suspect this happens in other areas of life as well, where a label is used to put people into some other category and hence justifies their demonisation or worse.


Hence I am encouraged by this road safety video put together by the Share the Road Cycling Coalition, a provincial cycling advocacy organisation created to unite cycling organizations from across Ontario and work with and on behalf of municipalities to enhance their ability to make their communities more bicycle- friendly.  I would suggest that Westcycle our own peak body for cycling in Western Australia would benefit from reviewing the approach adopted by the Share the Road Cycling Coalition.

What really grabs me about this video is that it is remeinder that cyclists are people, that they are mums and dads, that they are husbands, wives, partners, that they are brothers and sisters, that they someone’s children.  They are people just like the rest of us. Heck sometimes they even drive a car!  They are people whose lives are just as valuable as our own, they should be able to ride along a road in a safe and lawful manner, they should be able to go home to their families and friends having enjoyed a safe pleasure ride.

Please remember to share the road, to share the safely, to remember that cyclists are people too.

If you value the message contained in this video please “Like” it at YouTube and please share it as widely as you can.  It is important that we get this message out, lives depend on it.

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