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Reblogging this post about the Maplets App from Pedaling in Place and Bicyclenomad.

Maplets App sample map


Another iPhone App that I am finding indispensable in bike explorations is Maplets. Maplets is an archive of simple specialized maps that typically cover a very small region. Think tourist brochures, university campus maps, chamber of commerce town maps, official National Park or National Monument maps, public transportation maps, or trail maps that have been printed by the local riding club. In addition to being able to search, the app is location aware so that it lists available maps for nearby areas. The developers claim that they will make every effort to scan maps that are requested by users, but I have never taken them up on this. Once the app is purchased for $2.99, downloading maps — which usually takes about a minute over a 3G network — is free.’\

Read more at Pedaling in Place

Following the discovery of the Maplet App at Bicycle Nomad and Pedaling in Place I downloaded the Australian maps version on to my iPad for $0.99.  I also did a search but good not find anything for my Android phone which is disappointing. Hopefully that may come along soon.

In Western Australia there is not a lot of choice in maps from what I could see at the moment but it does seem to have a lot of local maps such as the Perth/Fremantle Bike and Street Map and the Swan Valley Food and Wine Trail.  For me if you are iPhone or an iPad user this is a handy $0.99 download and of course if you travel more widely the full application is worth a serious consideration as both Pedaling in Place and Bicyclenomad suggest.

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