Darwin’s Bike Pod: An idea that Fremantle and other WA councils should consider

City of Darwin Bike Pod

City of Darwin Bike Pod

The Cycling Resource Centre has recently blogged on the City of Darwin’s establishment of the cities Bike Pod.  The Bike Pod is a secure facility that contains 10 bike racks, lockers and a shower. The Council charges for the use of the Bike Pod with the cost currently set at $100 per annum or $50.00 for six months use.  It seems that the City of Darwin is planning to determine the level of demand with the possibility more Bike Pods will be established.

I think that the City of Darwin should applauded for this move and I hope cyclists in Darwin get right behind the Council’s move.

The issue of end-of-trip facilities comes up a lot in surveys of cyclists and in feedback to Council’s on their bike plans. It seems to me that the City of Darwin in being proactive has set a benchmark for Western Australian councils who should take a close look at what the City of Darwin has done with the intention of doing something similar here in major localities such as Fremantle, Joondalup and so on.

End-of-trip facilities can only but encourage more healthy transport alternatives, i.e., cycling.



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