City of Stirling seeking expressions of interest in Wheelie Wonderful Women riding groups

CityofStirlingVertBluesml.pngThe City of Stirling is planning the next round of the Wheelie Wonderful Women riding groups and would like to invite ladies to express their interest in participating.  There is a short deadline on this one I am afraid as Joanne Burgess, TravelSmart Officer at the City of Stirling would like to hear from you by close of business Friday October, 5, 2012.

Wheelie Wonderful Women is a 12 week social riding program which is aimed at improving participants your cycling skills, improve their fitness, introduce them to many new friends, and take them to beautiful places around Perth that they didn’t know existed.

Each week the riding group will go for a ride somewhere in Perth under the tuition of a professional cycle coach. The rides will start short and easy, but as the weeks go by they will increase in distance duration and skill level. All the rides will be on shared paths, however they may go on-road towards the end of the 12 weeks if the riders are happy and comfortable for this to happen, and if the coach believes that the group has the necessary skills.

Each week the session will include some time dedicated to building cycling skills and increasing bike handling proficiency, so that the riders are in charge of their bikes, not the other way around. This will occur as a dedicated session at the start of each ride, plus the coach will ride along and help with any areas of difficulty that riders may be having.

The rides will be in a different location each week, and details of where and when will be emailed out to riders in advance. There is a requirement to transport one’s bicycle to and from the ride start location each week. A small number of bicycles and bike carriers for cars may be available for loan. The rides will start early in the morning so that they are finished by the time it gets hot. As a guide, week 1 you may start at 8 AM but by week 12 it is likely that you will starting at 7 AM. Exact times will be discussed by the whole group of ladies taking part and a time that suits the majority of people will be agreed to.

Wheelie Wonderful Women is a 12 week program and as such you need to complete all 12 weeks. Of course, if you are ill or have a last minute emergency you do not need to attend, but you need to be prepared to commit to completing as many of the 12 rides as you can. You cannot simply opt in and out each week as you feel like.

Wheelie Wonderful Women in a really fun cycling program and is loved by all the ladies who have taken part so far. It is aimed at beginner cyclists, the rides are slow and there is no lycra in sight!

There is no charge to take part.

The City of Stirling is currently deciding when to run the groups and dates are not yet confirmed. However they are considering a new program with a start date of October 15, 2012, subject to enough interest.

Therefore, if you are interested in taking part in this program could you please email Joanne Burgess, TravelSmart Officer at the City of Stirling and answer the following questions for Joanne. Joanne will then determine if their is sufficient interest for the program to go ahead, and will get back to those that express an interest with final details of if and when the program will run.

Please reply by close of business Friday 5th October, 2012 so that Joanne can confirm details on Monday October 8, 2012.

The details/questions you need to answer are:

  • Your name:
  • Which day(s) would you be free to take part? Please choose from the following options: Wednesday morning. Friday morning. Saturday morning. Sunday morning.
  • Can you currently perform these skills on your bicycle?
  • Stopping safely in a controlled manner. Yes / No / not sure
  • Signalling with both hands Yes / No / not sure
  • Looking behind you while riding in a straight line Yes / No / not sure
  • Using your gears efficiently. Yes / No / not sure

If you have any questions about this program please feel free to give Joanne a ring on 08 9345 8910.

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