Thule Pack ‘n Pedal gets into bicycle panniers and racks

thule panniers

Gear Junkie is reporting that Thule Pack ’n Pedal, part of the Thule brand known for their car roof racks and the like has released a set of bicycle panniers and some interesting looking stem and handlebar bags.  This move into panniers comes along with their purchase of the rights to the New Zealand designed rack system, Freeload rack systems for bikes.

At the time of writing there is nothing on the Thule website in respect to the panniers or the Freeload rack system another than a press release dated August 29, 2012 so details are light on and it is not clear what the future is for the Freeload racks.

Thule Freeload

Thule Freeload rack

Thule Pack ’n Pedal do indicate in their press release that

For the comprehensive Pack ‘n Pedal™ range, Thule has developed a revolutionary handlebar attachment with various accessories (bag, wallet, iPad/map holder) and a family of top-of-the line pannier bags….

The weatherproof Thule Pack ’n Pedal™ bags come with small hard shell SafeZone™ compartments and separate computer storage, keeping valuables safe and easily accessible. The design of the bags makes them easy to load and use as normal bags. They also come with compression buckles to reduce size when the bag is empty. The range is designed to be easy to use and practical both on and off the bike with a revolutionary attachment system allowing having no attachments scraping against the body, and comfortable handles make the bags easy to carry.

From the press release it seems that the panniers and bags will be “weatherproof”. Does this mean waterproof? They will also have a stem/handlebar bag in the range for your iPad. Yep you can now ride along with your iPad on your handlebars. Anyone up to putting thier iPad at risk? Is this a serious approach to computer storage?

I am struggling to see how these panniers wil challenge the serious players in the market place such as Ortlieb and their venerable panniers such as the Bike-Packer Plus and the Roller Classic models.

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