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Fremantle to Perth PSP

Fremantle to Perth PSP – Shenton Park Train Station

The Cambridge Post (October 6, 2012, page 7) in an article titled Free ride for Neds on bike path is reporting that the completion of the missing section of path on the Fremantle to Perth Principal Shared Path (PSP) between the Shenton Park Railway Station and the Loch Street Railway Station (Stubbs Terrace) is a top priority with Main Roads WA. According to the article, Colin Ward from Main Roads has told the City of Nedlands at a Council meeting in October 2012 that work to complete this section of the path will start early in 2013.

According to the article the growth of usage of the Fremantle to Perth PSP is about 8% a year with more than 277,000 people using it 2011 so this is an important fix of the Fremantle to Perth Principal Shared Path.  This is great news as this is the last section in the PSP to Grant Street Train Station to be completed. Unfortunately, the PSP as it stands effectively ends at Grant Street unless you consider painted shoulders on Curtin Avenue as a PSP , leaving cyclists to negotiate the Eric Street and Jarrad Street lights on Curtin Avenue (not always the best fun) and for cyclists heading north east to the city, the fun of crossing Curtin Avenue to pick up the PSP at Grant Street Station.

Add to this the issue of Tydeman Road and Queen Victoria Street (Old Fremantle Traffic bridge) the major route from the north in to Fremantle and there is still along way to go, with Tydeman Road of a matter of serious concern.  At least at the North Fremantle end there is some signs of progress being made with the City of Fremantle being granted a Perth Bicycle Network Grant in the 2011-2012 financial year to complete a section of the Fremantle to Perth PSP between Pearse Street and Congdon Street. Unfortunately this project has been delayed with completion hopefully occurring in 2013.

At the end of the day any improvement to the Fremantle to Perth PSP is a step in the right direction and well done to Main Roads WA for seizing the initiative and moving on this as the City of Nedlands had failed to deliver going by the comments in the Cambridge Post article.

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