Are you in a high risk category for severe injury as a cyclist?

Cyclist injuries

Injured cyclist

Cyclists like pedestrians are vulnerable road users and hence having an understanding of the type and severity of injuries that cyclists incurred whilst not an nice outcome by any means is important to deveopling an understanding of what road safety issues related to cyclists need to be addressed and of course informs us as cyclists as possible risk categories. This paper by Boufous, de Rome, Senserrick, & Ivers (2012) published in Accident Analysis and Prevention takes a look the influence of road and crash characteristics on the injury severity of cyclists involved in traffic crashes and hence adds to our understanding of the injury risks to cyclists.

The abstract from the paper can be found below and the full paper is available via my Dropxbox folder.

This study examines the impact of cyclist, road and crash characteristics on the injury severity of cyclists involved in traffic crashes reported to the police in Victoria, Australia between 2004 and 2008. Logistic regression analysis was carried out to identify predictors of severe injury (serious injury and fatality) in cyclist crashes reported to the police. There were 6432 cyclist crashes reported to the police in Victoria between 2004 and 2008 with 2181 (33.9%) resulting in severe injury of the cyclist involved. The multivariate analysis found that factors that increase the risk of severe injury in cyclists involved in traffic crashes were age (50 years and older), not wearing a helmet, riding in the dark on unlit roads, riding on roads zoned 70 km/h or above, on curved sections of the road, in rural locations and being involved in head-on collisions as well as off path crashes, which include losing control of vehicle, and on path crashes which include striking the door of a parked vehicle. While this study did not test effectiveness of preventative measures, policy makers should consider implementation of programs that address these risk factors including helmet programs and environmental modifications such as speed reduction on roads that are frequented by cyclists.

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As a cyclist in one of increased risk categories the findings are important to me and will influence my riding behaviour. What are you thoughts on the paper and its findings? Please do share your thoughts by leaving a comment below 🙂

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