Cycling gets topical in the WA state electorate of Nedlands

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Post Newspaper, October 20, 2012, page 11 is carrying a story indicating that cycling is getting attention in Western Australian State seat of Nedlands with the election coming up in March 2013. Both Dr Crisp, the Greens candidate and the sitting member for Nedlands Mr Bill Marmion both used the October Ride 2 Work Day to share their views on cycling as an alternative transport method.  Lets hope that this is not simply talk and that the candidates and indeed the newly elected government in 2013 take cycling seriously as a legitimate alternative transport method and fund it appropriately.

With the election coming up please do consider contacting the candidates in your electorate and establishing their positions on cycling. Please do share you findings via the comments form below.  It is probably a bit to early to expect the three main parties to have their polices for the election available yet, I did find the Greens have their “Sustainable Planning and Transport” policy online. WA Labor does not have anything in the way of a transport policy online as yet but you can check their website to find out who their candidate is for your electroate and their Shadow Transport Minister is Ken Travers MLC. I also check out WA Liberal’s website and again their are no policies. They do have an “Issues” page but cycling does not get a mention and neither does transport.  The Minister for Transport is Troy Buswell.  Finally I visited The Nationals website and again their is no policy documents published and no clear indication as to who their spokesperson is on cycling or transport. Royalties for Regions seems to be their only interest.

Having recently ridden the Waterous Trail where there is clear evidence the the Department of Environment and Conservation has not been undertaking maintenance on one significant section of single track and hence possibility discouraging further riding of the trail (who likes having to repeatedly haul bikes over fallen trees when you are out for a fun mountain bike ride?) it will be interesting to read Minister Marmion response when I raise my concerns.

For those interested the full article from the Post Newspaper is reproduced below.

Nedlands candidates support cycling

Post Newspapers, October 20, 2012, page 11.

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