City of Fremantle – End-of-Trip Facilities for Cyclists

City of Fremantle Bicycle Parking Rack

City of Fremantle Bicycle Parking Rack

The Fremantle-Cockburn Gazette’s Rachel Watts is reporting the City of Fremantle will put forward for consideration a scheme amendment, known as Scheme Amendment No. 55 to Local Planning Scheme No. 4 (LPS4) that will put in place standards for the number of high, medium and low security bicycle racks and end-of-trip facilities depending on development size.

Rachel Watts goes on to report that the new regulations will define three categories of bicycle racks: Classes one (fully enclosed individual lockers) and two (locker compounds fitted with Class 3 facilities with communal access using duplicate keys) for long-term and medium lengths of stay and class three (low security level – facilities to which the bicycle frame and wheels can be locked) for short stays.

Long stay is defined by Austroads as staff bicycle parking and short stay visitor bicycle parking.

End-of-trip facilities may include showers and change rooms (no mention of drying rooms but) depending on the size of the development and bicycle parking requirements. The Council’s agenda documents for the October 24, 2012 meeting indicate that for developments below 2,000 m2 gross floor area, that one male and one female shower (or two unisex) required for every five Class 1 or 2 bicycle racks and for developments over 2,000m2 gross floor area one male and one female shower (or two unisex) required for every 10 Class 1 or 2 bicycle racks.

The required number of bicycle racks depends on the class of use of the building and in some situations its size and is detailed in Table 2 in the Council meeting agenda documents (see page 30).

The City of Fremantle should be congratulated in my view for this proposed amendment. End-of-trip facilities are a major concern for cyclists and show up as a “high request” item in surveys of cyclists. The City of Perth for example needs to take note of the City of Fremantle’s actions.

The Council meeting was held on Wednesday October 24, 2012 and the agenda for the meeting outlines the formal proposal. At the time of posting the minutes of the meeting have yet to be released. I will update this post once the minutes of the meeting are released.

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I hope you found this summary of what the City of Fremantle is proposing informative! Please do share your thoughts on City of Fremantle’s planned amendments with the rest of us by leaving a comment below 🙂 Has the City of Fremantle got it right?

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