Memorial to Tim Anderson, Cyclist

Tim Anderson Memorial at Mosman Park

Tim Anderson Memorial

Tim Anderson, 26, was training for a charity ride, riding along Curtin Avenue, a popular riding route, when he was hit by a car driven by the drunk Ross Murray in March 2012 who then left Tim on the side of the road to die. Tim was wearing a high visibility vest, white helmet, white jersey with front and back lights at the time of the incident.

The Town of Mosman Park has built a permanent memorial to Tim, which will be officially unveiled in November 2012. These photos show the memorial as work in progress.

Tim Anderson Memorial - Wider View

Tim Anderson Memorial - Garden View

Tim Anderson Memorial

A little background on the memorial from the Western Suburbs Weekly …

A PERMANENT memorial to hit-and-run victim Tim Anderson (26), of City Beach, will be unveiled at a sunset ceremony on Curtin Avenue in Mosman Park in November.

Mr Anderson’s father Ian said the memorial would be a place for quiet contemplation and to remember his son, who was knocked down nearby by convicted drunk driver Ross Murray (28) on March 8.

The site was a special place for the family because it was across the road from Mr Anderson’s primary school, Beehive Montessori.

“From the day Tim was born (his mother) Val would drop off his brothers at school and go down and walk with him in her arms along the beach in front,” Dr Anderson said.

Work is underway on a design for the memorial to replace the white bike placed near the crash after the tragedy before cyclists participate in a commemorative Tim’s Ride later this year.

More information on Tim’s Ride and the Tim Anderson Scholorship can be found at the Tim’s Ride website.

Update – November 6, 2012: The dedication ceremony for the memorial is taking place on November 10, 2012 and an updated article in the Western Suburbs Weekly provides more details on the memorial.


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