Study into Electric Bikes – Purchase and Usage


Professor Geoff Rose, Professor Rod McClure and Dr Marilyn Johnson of The Institute of Transport Studies (Monash) at Monash University are undertaking a study into electric bicycles, their purchase and use.  The researchers are seeking Australian users of electric bikes to complete a brief online survey, estimated time to complete being 15 minutes.

The study is funded by a grant from the Australian Research Council in conjunction with VicRoads, the Victorian Department of Transport, Transport Accident Commission (TAC), the RACV and the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, the partner organisations on this project.

If you are resident in Australia, over 18 years old and a owner or user of a electric bike please consider supporting this research by completing the survey instrument. The survey closes on December 31, 2012.



2 Responses to Study into Electric Bikes – Purchase and Usage

  1. Thea baker 5 November 2012 at 4:21 AM #

    Pity it doesn’t work on iPad.

    • Aushiker 5 November 2012 at 6:53 PM #

      That is odd because it is a Survey Monkey web page based survey which shouldn’t have any issues with an iPad. In fact I can get it working fine on mine. Maybe it was an ISP glitch or something.

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