FLO Cycling Yellow Rim Tape Recalled Due to Safety Concerns


FLO Cycling Yellow Rim Tape

Recalled FLO Cycling Yellow Rim Tape

Product Safety Recalls Australia in-conjunction with FLO Cycling have announced the recall of yellow bicycle rim tape supplied with FLO 60, FLO 90 and FLO DISC wheels due to the possibility that the rim tape may break under pressure.  If you FLO Cycling wheels models: FLO 60, FLO 90 and FLO DISC please review this recall information carefully and contact FLO Cycling directly for advice.  This is serious defect which if left unattended could pose a hazard to the rider.

FLO Cycling Yellow Rim Tape Recall Specifications

FLO Cycling yellow rim type which was supplied with FLO 60, FLO 90 and FLO DISC wheels has been recalled. The rim tape should have the number 700X18 A/V printed on it. If you are a owner of one of this FLO Cycling wheels please check the serial number list below to determine if your wheels are impacted by the recall. The serial number of your wheel can be found either on the wheel rim under the tube or on the outer edge of the disc wheel. The recalled wheels where sold between February 1, 2012 and July 30, 2012.

List of serial numbers:

12DA3542 to 12DA3547
12DA3561 to 12DA3565
12DA3561 to 12DA3565
12DA3582 to 12DA3584
12EA2933 to 12EA2940
12EA2953 to 12EA2960
12EA3187 to 12EA3189
12FA1972 to 12FA1980
12FA1982 to 12FA1998
12GA0311 to 12GA0320
12GA0643 to 12GA0662
12GA0673 to 12GA0675
12GA0976 to 12GA1000
12GA1031 to 12GA1043
12GA1125 to 12GA1130
12GA1134 to 12GA1136

FLO Cycling Yellow Rim Tape Defect

The reported defect is that the FLO Cycling rim tape can fail and break under pressure. If the rim tape breaks, the inner-tube can puncture or burst, posing a fall hazard to the rider. More of an issue if the front wheel goes but still not nice if rear goes either.

Do you have FLO Cycling Yellow Rim Tape?

If you have a recalled FLO Cycling wheel with the rim tape you should stop using the rim tape immediately. All affected customers will be receiving a customer letter from FLO Cycling informing them how they can be compensated. The letter includes a form that must be filled out and returned to FLO Cycling free of charge. Personally I would replace the rim tape ASAP with a good quality replacement available from your LBS.

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I hope you found this post useful! Please do stop by the comment section below and share your thoughts and/or experiences with the recall of the FLO Cycling rim tape. Do you think for example that is a sensible recall?

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