Westcycle Releases 2011/2012 Annual Report

Westcycle Annual Report

Westcycle Annual Report

Westcycle which was incorporated in April 2011 and announced as the Western Australian peak cycling body in September 2011 has published its inaugural annual report for the 2011/2012 financial year.

Westcycle’s 2011-2012 Highlights

Westcycle CEO (Clint Shaw) and Chairman’s (Greg Smith-Gander) report highlights what Westcycle see as their achievements in 2011-2012. These achievements are:

  • Establishment of the administrative infrastructure
  • Publication of the strategic plan
  • Establishment of three key strategic goals: Leadership & Coordination, Advocacy and Increasing Resources within a framework of supporting member organisations
  • Obtaining funding for the Mountain Bike Strategy and Sustainability Framework for WA
  • Obtaining funding for the development of the Mountain Bike Master Plan for the South West region of WA
  • Submission with the assistance of the Bicycle Transport Alliance to the WABN Plan

In fairness to Westcycle I would suggest that they have done well in their first year of operations. There strategic direction is set, they have some earlier runs on the board with the mountain biking funding wins but they need to focus on their member organisations and support those organisation to work for the benefit of all cyclists. It is frustrating to see what is perceived as a focus on non-member organisations; this is not what Westcycle is or should be about.

It is therefore good to see that the Westcycle focus will now turn to fundraising on behalf of its member organisations. Lets hope this really happens and the funding allocations are based on need and the ability of the member organisations to raise funds on their own. Real advocacy is not “flavour of the month” and does not generally generate corporate sponsorship but real advocacy focused on the establish better infrastructure, on a safer riding environment and promoting cycling as an alternative means of transport.

The recreation side is getting well deserved support, now time for the world of advocacy.

Westcycle in 2012/2013

The Westcycle Annual Report highlights a number of strategic projects that Westcycle has in the pipeline for 2012/2013. There are some good things here.

  • Development of a Strategic Framework for Cycling on behalf of the Department of Sport and Recreation;
  • Responsible for distribution and monitoring of OSP grant funding to cycling organisations. How this is handled will be interesting indeed;
  • Boosting investment in cycling initiatives and support for member organisations;
  • Colocation. In early 2013 Westcycle hope to move into a new office facility that will also be shared by Cycling WA, BMX Sports WA, WAMBA, BTA and any other cycling organisation that might be interested;
  • High Performance Review: The purpose of this review will be to evaluate the high performance pathway currently in place for all competitive cycling disciplines.
  • Mountain Bike Strategy & Sustainability Framework: Both the Mountain Bike Strategy and Sustainability Framework are due for completion by December 2012. Once developed, Westcycle sees itself playing a key role in coordinating the implementation of recommendations contained within the Strategy. Westcycle will also seek to publish the Sustainability Framework as a Trail Planning and Design Guide in conjunction with DEC, DSR and WAMBA.
  • Strategic Cycling Facilities Plan: Westcycle will be seeking funding for the development of a plan to guide the types of road, track, criterium and BMX facilities needed to advance the sport of cycling in Western Australia;
  • Campaign: In 2012/13 Westcycle will also endeavour to build on the discussions that took place in May and June around the development of a ‘share the road’ campaign that all cycling organisations can support and promote. Working in conjunction with our member organisations, it is our hope that tangible campaign materials will be circulating in the public sphere within the next 6 – 9 months.

Westcycle’s 2011/2012 Financial Highlights

The financial report highlights are as I seem them:

  • Operating surplus of $2,226
  • $150,00 of grants issued during the year: $120,000 to Cycling WA and $30,000 to BMX Sports WA. These grants where actually issued after June 30, 2012;
  • $540,000 of grants received after June 30, 2012.

The key issue for Westcycle is how it utilises the $540,000 of grants that it has received. This will be interesting for sure.

Concluding Comments

Overall I would suggest that Westcycle has got off to a good start. For sure there are issues with BicyclingWA and that it is not a member of Westcycle, but that aside Westcycle has got involved in mountain biking, in commuting and is working to develop a Strategic Framework for Cycling, an important framework. It will be interesting to see where Westcycle goes in the next 12 months and whether it stands independent as the peak cycling body or does it become a mouthpiece for Bicycling Victoria. Support for cyclosportif is important but even more important is working for all cyclists in Western Australia.

For those interested the Westcycle Annual Report can be downloaded from my Dropbox.

Your Turn To Talk

I hope you found this commentary on Westcycle annual report and its first year of operation. Please do share your thoughts on Westcycle and where you see it going with the rest of us by leaving a comment below 🙂

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