Asia-Pacific Cycle Congress 2013

Asia-Pacific Cycle Congress


The Asia-Pacific Cycle Congress 2013 is on again 2013 following a successful inaugural congress in 2011. The second Asia-Pacific Cycle Congress is being held on the Gold Coast, March 10 – 13, 2013.

The program for the Asia-Pacific Cycle Congress 2013 is looking promising with

  • Think Tanks: Each think tank will comprise a presentation followed by a workshop on the topic. The intent is to gain insights from delegates, share knowledge and experiences and identify lessons learnt and the benefits to cycling.
  • Plenary Think Tank: Following the think tanks, presentations will be given in the plenary think tank on the outcomes of each workshop. This session will be facilitated by Professor Simon Kingham, University of Canterbury.
  • Exhibition Showcase: Each exhibitor will give a short presentation to delegates, speakers, sponsors and other exhibitors during the exhibition showcase. This showcase provides our exhibitors with the opportunity to communicate information about their brand, product or service and invite delegates to visit their exhibition space to learn more.
  • Poster Showcase: The author of each poster will give a short presentation during the poster showcase on the topic of their poster. Delegates will then have the opportunity to speak to the poster authors during the poster sessions.
  • Poster Sessions: Following the poster showcase, the author of each poster will give a presentation to delegates at the location of their poster.
  • Posters will be displayed in the exhibition area for viewing by delegates for the duration of the congress. Please visit the poster sessions page (available soon) to read the poster session abstracts.
  • Programs and Initiatives Showcase: This session comprises presentations on cycling programs and initiatives and provides delegates with the opportunity to engage in discussions about the outcomes, lessons learnt and how the program or initiative might be implemented in other communities.


on offer. The full program and registration details can be found at the Asia-Pacific Cycle Congress 2013 website.  What we need now is to encourage the organiser to bring a future congress to Western Australia.

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