Guildford Road Bridge Bassendean Gets a New Surface

Guildford Road bridge shared path

Guildford Road bridge shared path new surface

In a positive news announcement the Bicycle Transport Alliance has reported that two years of lobbying on behalf of cyclists by the Alliance has paid off with the recent resurfacing of the shared path on the Guildford Road bridge, Guildford Road, Bassendean.  A thanks also goes out to Mr Colin Ward, Bicycling and Pedestrian Coordinator at Main Roads WA for his efforts in getting this small but important piece of cycling infrastructure upgraded.

The photo above, courtesy of the Bicycle Transport Alliance shows the new shared path surface on the bridge.  The photo below from Google Street View shows what cyclists and pedestrians had to put up with before the efforts of the Bicycle Transport Alliance lead to the resurfacing.  Whilst it has an impact on the heritage value of the bridge I do think it is an improvement.

Guildford Road bridge shared path close up

Guildford Road bridge shared path close up

Guildford Road bridge shared path, Bassendean

Guildford Road bridge shared path, Bassendean before resurfacing (Google Street View)


I don’t feel the images do justice to the condition of the shared path surface prior to the resurfacing but I am sure cyclists who have ridden the wooden shared path will appreciate what it was like.

So often it seems that my interactions with the Minister of Transport Mr Troy Buswell and/or Mr Reece Waldock, Director General of Transport are more of negative nature (see posts on pedal reflectors and Neatstreets for examples) … call for actions and the like that it was nice in this instance to both blog on a some positive news out of the Department of Transport but also to take the opportunity to pass on my thanks and appreciation to the Minister. I just hope we get more positive news from the Minister’s office and an improved process of dialogue and engagement going forward.

I have taken the opportunity to pass on my positive thoughts to the Minister and I encourage you to consider doing the same.  We so often complain about government that I think when they do something positive for us as cyclists it is even more important to acknowledge this so please consider writing to the Minister or dropping him an email. You are most welcome to use my letter as a template (just fix the poor grammar and typos first please :)).

Dear Minister


It is with pleasure that I feel the need to write to you about a positive matter for a change. I can assure you Minister that it something that I would prefer to do and I hope will have the opportunity to do so more often in the future.

What I am referring to Minister is the recent resurfacing of the shared path over the Guildford Road Bridge, Guildford that the Bicycle Transport Alliance (see has recently reported that it now has been completed.

Whilst it has taken some two years of lobbying by the Bicycle Transport Alliance, I understand that Mr Colin Ward from Main Roads WA has also worked hard on this matter on behalf of cyclists and I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Mr Ward’s efforts and the work of the Bicycle Transport Alliance and to thank Main Roads WA for completing the work. I am sure that cyclists and pedestrians using the bridge will appreciate the new surface.

Hopefully Minister a more pro-active approach to alternative transport, to cycling and to responding to matters raised will see a more positive news similar to the resurfacing of the Guildford Road bridge and quicker remedying of issues and along with that more positive dialogue in future.

Yours faithfully

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