Is International Energy Services Still Out to Get Cyclists?

International Energy Services

In February 2012 I experienced a very unpleasant incident involving unsafe driving by an International Energy Services operator whilst I was riding my bicycle in a legal safe manner on the road as one is allowed to.  I can assure you that being bullied, no worse by the operator of a truck is a pretty damn scary experience when one is on a cyclist. What do you think are the chances of surviving being hit by an truck such as those operated by International Energy Services? Not very good.  Having raised my concerns with International Energy Services who contract for Shell Australia who is also a party to the Corporate Approach to Road Safety initiative it is very disappointing to find that little has changed and that International Energy Services still consider it okay to put cyclists lives at risk. Well Mr Stenta it is not okay!

Today I became aware of this incident involving a International Energy Services through a contact from the cyclist. I will let you make your own judgement about the standards of driving shown but please if you experience dangerous driving by International Energy Services please let me know at and also let Mr Vin Stenta Chief Executive Officer of International Energy Services and Shell Australia who can be contacted via their website .

Don’t expect a response from Mr Stenta but. He seems to lack the intergrity to respond or be accountable given his lack of response and their failure it seems to address their drivers behaviour on the road but the more evidence that is established against International Energy Services the more chance a something might be down to make International Energy Services and Mr Stenta accountable. Also please make sure Shell Australia are informed … it is there occupational and safety standards on the line here as well.

A small update – November 17, 2012: No response from Mr Stenta as expected but I have had a response from Shell Australia via their Facebook page but no response to the email sent via their contact form.  The response from Shell Australia on Facebook was:

Hello Andrew. Thanks for the comment. Shell expects all its contractors to adhere to the road rules, defensive driving techniques and journey management planning when doing business on behalf of Shell. If the community has a concern over the behavior of any of our contractors, then Shell will investigate in conjunction with that contractor. We will speak directly to IES about this situation.

A small start that will hopefully lead to a change in attitude at International Energy Services.

Update – November 19, 2012: Mr Vin Stenta has emailed myself. His email is:

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately I am not aware of the other incident you are referring to. Can you please provide me with some details l so that I am able to investigate this matter  and provide you with feedback.

This is an interesting response as (1) I actually wrote a good old hard copy letter to Mr Stenta in February 2012 which also included a DVD of the incident. It seems that Mr Stenta either does not recall that letter (he never replied) or it was not communicated to him from within the organisation; (2) the email Mr Stenta replied to included links to the blog posting of the February incident and (3) there have been numerous emails between myself and Mr Bernie Schwarz and Mr Mathew Taylor of International Energy Services. Mr Stenta was cc’d in on those emails.  

I will let you draw your own conclusions about Mr Stenta’s response.


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