Probikekit #Fail – Warranty Claims Not Processed with Integrity

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I have up to now been a happy customer of the United Kingdom online retailer ProBikeKit, having experienced good service dealing with them over the past year or two with one or two too many blue bags in the post :).  That was until recently when I had an Ortlieb Water Bag that I purchased from them fail whilst I was on tour. Given that Ortlieb Water bag was under warranty I followed ProBikeKit’s warranty process.

That is I advised ProBikeKit of the issue with the Ortlieb Water Bag and sought a return’s authority. My initial email to ProBikeKit was answered promptly and included the requisite form that I need to complete and send back with the damaged item. Probikekit advised that they will determine the status of the claim and if the item is found to be at fault replace it or refund the purchase price PLUS the cost of returning the item.

I completed the ProBikeKit Returns Authorisation document and included it with the Ortleib Water Bag which was posted to the United Kingdom via Australia Post’s International Airmail service as advised to do so on October 12, 2012. That is the last I time heard from ProBikeKit. A follow-up email requesting a status update sent on November 8, 2012 has been ignored as has been my final email on the matter dated November 19, 2012.  So much for Probikekits claims of “hassle free returns.” This is what Probikekit state about their returns policy:

We want you to be delighted every time you shop with us. Occasionally though, we know you may want to cancel an order or return/exchange items and therefore we have a straight-forward 30 day returns policy, which is detailed below. Our Cancellation and Returns Policy does not affect your statutory rights.

If we change our Cancellation and Returns Policy, we will post those changes on this page.

If you have any queries relating to our Cancellation and Returns Policy, please take a look at our FAQs and if this does not answer your query, please Contact Us.

I can only assume that being delighted only applies for first thirty days. Bad luck if your product fails after the 30 days but within the warranty period. ProBikeKit it seems do not care then.

I appreciate that there are risks with shopping online and I am willing to take those risks where I considered it beneficial to do so. My past experience shopping with ProBikeKit has been positive, however this time it wasn’t and frankly I doubt I will bother with them again.  There are numerous other retailers who are just as competitive and provide good customer service that I cannot see any point shopping with ProBikeKit again.  My experience with Wiggle for example comes to mind.

Update, December 20, 2012: Having posted this blog posting and outed ProbikeKit on Twitter I received this email response on November 22, 2012. I have not heard a word since then from ProbikeKit.

I apologise if you have not recieved a reply. Your emails are currently in a warranty queue awaiting delivery of an item. Your item has not yet been recieved and the reason why your warranty has not yet been dealt with.

You will be contacted immediately upon its reciept. Please be aware that the returns depeartment is currently dealing with items recieved in Mondays post and there is currently a back log, I have asked to check for any parcels that may have been returned from you to process ASAP.
Kind Regards,
Your ProBikeKit Team
The Online Road Experts

In my view they are only experts at dishonesty.

Your Turn To Talk

I hope you found this post of value! Please do stop by the comment section below and share your thoughts or experiences with shopping with ProBikeKit with the rest of us.  Have you had good experiences with them? Not so good experiences? Maybe my experience is a one-off; let us know by leaving a comment below 🙂

* The image used in this post has been sourced from Walking in Stilettos on Cobblestone Streets

5 Responses to Probikekit #Fail – Warranty Claims Not Processed with Integrity

  1. Ant 22 November 2012 at 12:15 PM #

    I must echo your good experience with wiggle’s returns.
    I have not used PBK for a while – the last time they had some tyres whose ETA shifted continually until I finally cancelled my order, and virtually non existent customer support whereas Wiggle has never let me down – never any questions asked – just full refund – I have bought over $10k worth of things and have returned several items.
    Cell Bikes have been hit and miss, and a bit tetchy at times – dealing with “Tank” who works there has me thinking that he is ex military and does not deal with customers easily but Mark in their web division is good..
    Chain reaction about the same as PBK.
    Torpedo 7 is fairly reasonable but recently have not found their product range to be as appealing price or quality wise as they used to be.
    So for me it’s wiggle 90% of the time

    • Andrew Priest 22 November 2012 at 5:28 PM #

      Thanks for sharing your experiences. I haven’t used Cell Bikes or Torpedo 7 in ages but have okay experiences with Chain Reaction. ProBikeKit is off my retailers list now.

    • h 8 August 2016 at 10:35 PM #


  2. Sascha 14 August 2013 at 8:35 PM #

    I pretty much only use Wiggle or Ribble…on occasions I use SJS or ChainReaction but they are more expensive…

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